A positive ageing experience starts with your first meeting at St Louis Home Care

The very first meeting about home care that you have with St Louis paves the way for a positive ageing experience.

We know this is a sensitive time for older South Australians over 65, because baby boomers are independent by nature and have looked after themselves very well all their lives. There are many questions our clients have during this transition time therefore we take the time to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about help in your home.

In this meeting we ask a range of questions to help us understand your needs, and to also help you understand your care options. Homecare is not there to necessarily replace what you do, unless this is what you choose, but to enhance the quality of your life and leave more time for the things you enjoy so that you can live the life you want to.

The first meeting is different for everyone, and these are the most common reasons people start the conversation with us about home care.

1. I have heard you can navigate me through the aged care process

You may recognise you have a need for some assistance at home, but you don’t know how yet. You may have heard an ad on the radio or on TV that help is available at home which prompts you to make an enquiry. Navigating aged care options can be daunting, so you may need our help to find out what is available and how you can get started.

One of the first questions we ask is about your situation and whether you have already registered with My Aged Care. Sometimes people think they have a home care package approved when they actually have CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) services.

We find out where you are on the aged care journey and if you do have a CHSP service with reference codes, we can help you find a CHSP provider while arranging your home care package in the meantime. If you specifically want home care services, we can also start you off with private home care until your home care package becomes approved. Our aim is to ensure you know all your options and that you have as many choices as possible.

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2. I have had an ACAT assessment and need to find a provider. What do you offer and what are your fees?

If you have had an ACAT assessment, you will have a better idea of the services you need at home. We’ll organise to meet you at your home or if you prefer, we can also have a phone meeting. You’ll learn about the various services available to you under your home care package level, and what you can expect week to week.

Home care is tailored to how you want to be supported at home. There may be services and support you haven’t thought of, so we will take the time to discuss your lifestyle and your needs. Your home care package can provide a wide range of services, from cleaning and gardening, to shopping, transport and social support.

We discuss fees and any out of pocket expenses you may have along with next steps and what you need to do to begin a home care package. We’ll leave you with the information you need to answer your questions and do some further reading if you wish.

St Louis Home Care Fees

3. My neighbours have a St Louis Home Care Package and mine has now been approved. I want to get started ASAP.

In this situation we will make an appointment and visit you in your home. This helps us to understand your lifestyle, and where you need the most help at home. It makes a big difference to both us and our clients to sit and talk in person about the services that will help make you more comfortable and feeling safer at home.

This is also an opportunity for you to interview us and gather all the information you need to help you make an informed decision about which home care provider you would prefer to work with.

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Let us help you navigate the home care journey - call St Louis Home Care today

With over 75 years looking after older South Australians, we understand life transitions for people over the age of 65 when they reach out for a little extra help every day. The delivery of our care is underpinned by our four values: Dignity, Respect, Choice, Fairness. Planning ahead for care as you get older paves the way for a positive ageing experience and it begins with the very first meeting at St Louis Home Care. Please give us a call on 8332 0950 to discuss how we can help you.

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