How a home care coordinator works side by side with you as your health advocate

Improved health literacy leads to a better quality of life

Your home care package provides government funded services and support to help you remain at home for as long as possible. The choice and flexibility of how this support is provided to meet your needs gives you the quality of life you choose. Some people find navigating the aged care system tricky and time consuming, and unfortunately find this confusing when they are not familiar with all the options for support at home.

At St Louis Home Care, our Home Care Coordination team are committed to improving the health literacy of our clients, we work together so they can obtain, access and understand their home care options and make choices to meet their needs and use their home care funding accordingly. Our home care coordinators not only manage the services and activities that are covered by your home care package, but they may also be your health advocate or support if needed. This can be in assisting you obtain information, providing you with resources and ensure you are always aware of your rights and choices.

Research into the quality of care received by older Australians living at home has shown a clear link* between increased health literacy or knowledge of your choices, and quality health outcomes. In simpler terms, the more you know about your rights and choices as a home care recipient, the better the quality of your life will be.

Our home care coordinators are committed to improving the health literacy of our home care recipients, so that our clients continue to receive the best and highest quality of care possible. This means having knowledgeable and experienced staff from the local community who understand the aged care system. For example, all the various ways that a home care package can be used, letting you know about any changes to home care policies, local community support and also advising the ways you can improve your services or eligibility for additional government funded services.

At St Louis, our home care coordinators are dedicated to improving your quality of life

1. Providing information and understanding on advocating for your rights

Having an advocate or understanding your rights can involve many things in aged care. When you are at the stage of choosing a provider or needing to know what services are available, we offer a free one hour consultation to help you understand your choices in home care. We may also provide information on how to access My Aged Care to assist you to remain independent and maintain your health and wellness.

An aged care advocate can help you in many ways, for example:

  • How to best interact with the aged care system
  • Supporting you while you transition between aged care services.
  • Knowing and understanding your rights
  • Making well-informed decisions about the care you receive.
  • Providing other options to have your aged care needs provided for.
  • Helping you to raise concerns about the services you receive.
  • Increasing your awareness of your rights and choices or “health literacy” so that you can also advocate for yourself.

At St Louis we want you to understand the advocacy process. It is a requirement of The Aged Care Act 1997, that you have access and an understanding of the Charter of Aged Care. The Charter makes it easy for you, family and anyone involved with your care to understand what should be expected from the services, support and care you receive from an aged care provider like St Louis Aged Care.

Our Home Care Coordination team will work in partnership with you to help you understand and make the best use of your home care funds in your home care budget. As a health advocate working side by side with you, you will be able to understand what can be funded by your home care package, what services are available, how to use the funded amount allocated to you according to your ACAT assessment, any changes in funding requirements or services and very importantly know what is excluded and services not included. You may find you can get support for varied services including; personal care, cleaning, gardening, help with shopping, social events, respite, exercise programs, wellness programs and allied health support that may recommend home modification and equipment purchases.

2. Ensure your home support plan is aligned with your health needs and goals

One of your appointments with My Aged Care will be an ACAT assessment to assess and determine the level of help you need at home. From this your home care coordinator will work with you to develop a home care support plan which meets your needs and goals identified during your ACAT assessment. If your needs have changed since your ACAT assessment, your home care support team will advise the process to ensure you are able to make the choices of services to live the life you want at home.

Did you know your home care plan may need to be reviewed? Every year we review your care plan with you to ensure the support you are receiving meets your changing needs, and that your services are supporting you to live safely at home.

3. Keep you informed about changing services available in a home care package

Your home care package can include a variety of services, including personal care, nursing services, allied health, exercise programs, cleaning, gardening, home maintenance and technology to keep you safe and independent at home.

Sometimes there are circumstances in your life that change and your services needs to accommodate this. At St Louis your home care support coordinator will guide you through the process to change your home care plan and get the most out of your home care package, and to ensure you meet the current funding guidelines in your home care package.

4. Information about support services available in your community

Your local community will have additional services such as caring for the carer, dementia care, and other community initiatives intended to help older Australians with their health and wellness. A home care coordinator can guide you to other services that offer greater value to your home care package and keep you easily connected in your community.

5. Providing support as your needs change over time

Our goal is to work with you to provide the choice and support choices to live at home for longer, safely and happily. If your needs change at home we will work with you to access the support you may need to meet your needs should you need it.

The same quality and attentiveness to your care, regardless of your home care package level

Whether you have a home care package level 1, level 2, level 3 or level 4, St Louis home care coordinators understand it is important to be have consistent support and competitive fees no matter what level of home care package you receive and have funding for.

You can rest assured that whatever your home care package level, we’ll provide support, and information for you to make effective choices for your health and wellbeing needs.

If you are looking for a home care provider phone us to organise your free one hour consultation to discover how support you live at home for longer.

A home care package can take some time to be allocated, therefore if you’re thinking about it, you’re wise to start the application process sooner than later. If you don’t currently have a home care package and want to start navigating your aged care options for help at home, please phone us on one of the numbers below, and we’ll help get you started on the right path.

St Louis Home Care Adelaide: 08 8332 0950
St Louis Home Care Victor Harbor: 08 8552 1481

*Supporting article: Health literacy support for Australian home-based care recipients: A role for homecare workers?

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