St Louis Aged Care and St Pauls Lutheran Homes delivering home care to Adelaide Hills residents

St Louis Aged Care and St Pauls Lutheran Homes recently announced a collaborative partnership to provide home care to Adelaide Hills’ residents. In this Q&A, Dani McKenna, St Louis’ Business Development Manager, discusses how this partnership will benefit the Adelaide Hills community as a whole.

What inspired the collaboration between St Louis and St Pauls to deliver home care to Adelaide Hills residents?

“St Louis and St Pauls decided to work together to deliver home care to Adelaide Hills residents because both organisations were aligned in their values and approach to care, with similar dedication to meeting the needs of the individual. St Pauls have been delivering a high quality residential care and retirement living options to people in the Adelaide Hills for many years, but home care services was missing. St Louis has a trusted reputation in delivering aged care to the community in Adelaide since 1946, so the partnership made perfect sense”.

“In a nutshell, our commitment to providing support and care to the individual and their families with an uncompromising approach to quality of care is why we decided to work in together.”

How will this collaboration benefit Adelaide Hills residents?

“Feedback from St Pauls’ retirement living clients as well as many residents in the hills have been that they wanted more choice in terms of home care. This collaboration will give Adelaide Hills residents another choice of provider for home care in the hills.

“A key factor in staying healthy as you get older is to plan ahead. When you have a relationship with an honest and trustworthy care organisation, it gives you great peace of mind that we will be there if and when you need us. Even if you don’t need home care now, it is wise to start planning ahead.”

What areas of the Adelaide Hills will you deliver home care to?

“The Adelaide hills will be widely covered, we will go where the client is, as long as we can realistically provide the level of home care service the client needs. As it is early days, we are currently building our resources and we are in the process of recruiting local people to provide locally based care.

We will be working with local businesses to provide all aspects of community care, with the needs of Adelaide Hills residents in mind. We know that residents of the Adelaide Hills value and protect their community, so we plan to provide home care through people who are part of the local Hills community.”

What services will be available to Adelaide Hills residents to help them at home?

We will provide a range of home care services, including:

  • Helping clean your home
  • Doing the laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Help preparing meals and creating new recipes
  • Assistance to get ready for the day
  • Travel with you to appointments or social events
  • Assistance with medication administration and management
  • Support you to recover after an illness or stay at hospital
  • Respite care for others involved in your care
  • All sorts of home maintenance assistance
  • Help you develop other ways or ideas that can promote your health and wellbeing

Promoting local care and local community prosperity in the Adelaide Hills

“Our collaboration with St Pauls supports the Adelaide Hills community in the following ways:

We will build upon our current care workforce and offer locally based carers.

We will work with other Hills businesses where they provide a service that assists us in delivering a better home care package, to develop a wider foundation of care for our clients.

We have an established network of a care community through our collaboration with St Pauls that the Hills residents will benefit from.

We are committed to creating local networks with businesses and organisations in the Adelaide Hills.

Call Dani McKenna to discuss your home care package in the Adelaide Hills

We have regular information sessions at local venues or can meet with you one on one to have a chat about your unique situation.

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