Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Staying fit, well and healthy as you get older will help you to remain comfortable and independent while living at home. Maintaining a good level of strength and flexibility is essential for maintaining your balance, and to prevent falls and frailty.

Health and wellbeing services include the following:

  • Coordinating health services and therapies with your health practitioners
  • Taking you to appointments for therapies such as podiatry, physiotherapy, your GP, pharmacy and health
  • Creating an exercise program tailored for you to assist with your specific health needs
  • Helping you get involved with exercise or hydrotherapy classes or a walking group
  • Providing wound management and medication support
  • Assessment with physiotherapist for advice on movement, home safety, equipment, furniture and assistive aids
  • Remedial massage by massage therapist

We want to help you remain healthy and well as you get older so that you can continue to live comfortably and safely at home, and enjoy the things you love to do. Walking, exercise, maintaining your therapies and medical appointments are all part of your health and wellbeing plan that we can look after for you.

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How health and wellbeing services helped Maria attend her niece’s wedding

Maria, 82 wouldn’t go out, and she hadn’t been out for over twelve months. She’d had several falls, had become quite frail and had lost confidence in her body. She stayed home most of the time, venturing out less and less and told her family she would not be attending her niece’s upcoming wedding.

We created a home care plan which focused on getting some physical exercise regularly, to strengthen her body and bring back her confidence. She attended many of these appointments with a support worker which gave her independence to get out and about in the community.

She now has a St Louis physiotherapist who visits her weekly to take her walking. She also does a one-on-one exercise class every week with her care worker. Maria has developed strength in her body again and she recently announced to her family that she would be attending her nieces wedding and the family is thrilled. Maria never thought she would have confidence in her body again and she is committed to maintaining the strength and flexibility she has developed with help from St Louis with ongoing exercise programs which are funded through her home care package.

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