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Help with medication

Help with medication

If you’re taking more than one type of medication, sometimes you can forget if you took the right dose or if you took it at the right time of day. You may also be wondering where the best place is to store your medication. You’re not alone if this happens, and many people need help with their medication.

Medication services include the following:

  • Assisted reminders to help you take medication at the specified time
  • Help with storing medications safely in your home
  • Help with understanding the right dose
  • Assistance with medication reviews and consultation with Pharmacist and General Practitioner
  • Registered Nurse health support with medications

You’ll have peace of mind knowing as part of your home support plan we can help you with storing medications, medication prompting and reminders and supporting you to take the right dose and at the right time. We have different ways to provide reminders and support to suit you.

We’re here to help

Phone us for a confidential chat about medication support on 08 8332 0950.

How medication reminders services helped Bruce while his wife was in hospital

Bruce 89, whose wife was looking after his medication had to go into hospital for a few weeks. His family lived interstate and could not visit him due to lockdown, and there was no one else around to help him.

He was not used to being on his own and he struggled with feeling alone and concerned about whether he was talking his medication correctly. His family were also worried about whether he was taking his medication correctly and if he was eating regularly. Bruce had all his medications in several boxes and would get confused about what to take and if he had taken it.

As part of his home care plan we see him twice a day, in the morning and at night and we help prepare meals and keep him company while he eats. He really enjoys the company and is more likely to eat and enjoy his meal when he has someone there. Some of Bruce’s medication was to be taken prior eating, and some after food, and we prompt him to take the correct medication and doses at the right time. We also organised a purpose built medication box and a medication chart to help record what he was taking. We also help Bruce with dressings for a wound that is healing.

Bruce enjoys the company and has peace of mind knowing he had support to manage his medication. When his wife returned from hospital they realised they both enjoyed the meal and medication support so they continued with the services. Bruce, his wife and family are very grateful knowing the support will enable them to continue to live in their family home for as long as possible.

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