Meal preparation and serving

Meal preparation and serving

Did you know your Home Care Package can pay for the support you need to prepare meals in your home and for the assistance to do the shopping, all you need to do is buy the ingredients? Or if you would prefer, your Home Care Package can pay for the preparation of pre-prepared meals delivered to your home.

  • Prepare and cook meals
  • Suggest new recipes or assistance with meal planning and shopping lists
  • Food shopping and putting groceries away and monitoring of food in fridge/pantry
  • Discuss nutrition and dietary needs
  • Prepare and cook meals for specific diets and family traditions
  • Food safety trained staff
  • Discussion and costs of pre-prepared meal options
  • Assistance with eating and eating aids
  • Having a companion while you eat
  • Washing the dishes and cleaning kitchen

We’ll help you continue to prepare tasty meals at home to support your health and wellbeing. If there is something else you need help with at mealtimes, please just ask us.

We’re here to help

If there is something else you need help with at mealtimes, please just ask us. Phone us for a chat on 08 8332 0950.

Why Esther and her husband and eating healthy meals again

Esther is 87 and is unwell due to an ongoing illness. She lives with her husband, but he doesn’t know how to cook as she was responsible for the household cooking throughout their years of marriage.

We suggested having fresh meals delivered daily, but Esther was quite particular about her food and was initially opposed to the idea. She asked if she could visit the business that prepared the meals.

Esther’s Home Support Coordinator arranged the visit. The staff who prepare meals for many St Louis clients answered all her questions, showed her how they carefully prepared meals with fresh ingredients and discussed menu options to meet her diet requirements. She was much happier after the visit and agreed to have fresh meals delivered every day.

At St Louis Home Care, we’ll go out of our way to ensure our clients are happy with the help they receive at home, so that they feel secure and comfortable. Every day both Esther and her husband enjoy a warm and freshly made meal delivered to their door.

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