About St Louis

St Louis has provided individualised aged care services in Adelaide for over 70 years since 1946. Our aged care services include our boutique nursing home in Parkside, with independent living units next door, and home care support services delivered to people in the comfort of their own homes.

We are a third generation family business who was started by Dorothy Naish, followed by her son Tony Naish, who continued expanding St Louis’ aged care services, pioneering the first high level dementia care service at home in Adelaide. Dr Rane Naish, Tony’s wife supported St Louis through that expansion as a medical consultant and is still involved in the business.

Fostering a culture of family connection

Maris Naish who runs the business today is the third-generation administrator of St Louis. Throughout the history of our three generations, our family members have been activity involved in St Louis spending time with residents, getting to know them and developing an understanding of how to foster a culture of care with family values.

Over the years, our residents are used to seeing our children in the corridors of St Louis helping to serve morning, afternoon tea and lunch, occasionally helping with small maintenance jobs and participating in many of the varied social activities. This engagement and involvement throughout our family generations is why we have been able to nurture an environment that feels like family.

The children have recently also been involved in recording some of the radio adverts for St Louis and clients who have come to St Louis Home Care have commented on how the adverts touched them personally and helped them make the first step in getting care at home.

The sense of family at St Louis is valued and maintained by both staff and residents. We live by our motto “Let our family help look after yours”.

Aged care built on a foundation of trust and longevity

St Louis is a respected and well known quality aged care provider in Adelaide. We value human connection and the culture at St Louis with staff, residents and clients has been developed on a foundation of respect, kindness and compassion.

  • We value all our relationships – with clients, residents, staff and suppliers
  • We promote initiatives that encourage our clients to maintain relationships and connections with the wider community
  • We encourage a community where older people feel engaged are able to reconnect and participate in their community to continue to live a life with meaning
  • We promote and encourage thoughtful, respectful and informed participation in community
  • We are attentive to our clients’ need first and foremost when it comes to how we deliver our care
  • We help build meaningful links between clients, their families, their carers, their medical support network and care coordinators

Experienced and quality governance across all aspects of aged care

With our long history in providing aged care services, the secret to our success has been a solid foundation which supports innovation. We embrace new technologies to connect families and residents more effectively, we stay across social change and we invite new initiatives that will help us better deliver our care.

Even though we have always strived to meet the needs of our clients since we began in 1946, we have embedded Consumer Directed Care when it was introduced in 2015 in our aged care services and work with our clients and residents to ensure their changing needs are being met.

St Louis Staff

One of the most important attributes we look for when selecting staff to work at St Louis staff is a desire to care for the elderly. Professional qualifications are a necessity, but a genuine desire to be a care worker is an important quality that enables us to continue to foster the family environment that we have.

The team at St Louis:

  • Encourage independence
  • Encourage participation in everyday life
  • Listen to and build meaningful relationships with our clients
  • Are focussed on living independently for longer with home care
  • Facilitate the social physical and emotional wellbeing of each client
  • Demonstrate respect, tolerance and acceptance
  • Demonstrate social responsibility and a care for others