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A Career in Home Care

When you join St Louis, you will be joining and learning from a growing business with more than 75 years’ experience in delivering a high standard of care to older people.

St Louis is a family owned and operated company, dedicated to the care of older South Australians.

Living true to our values, we’ve grown through the many changes in aged care over the decades, always providing the highest standards of care, safety and support for our clients and our staff.

Working with the St Louis team provides an opportunity for you to make a positive contribution to the community, be a part of a dynamic team and take on a rewarding role.

Our service is underpinned by our core values: Dignity, Respect, Choice, Fairness.

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Personal Satisfaction, Longevity, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Working in home care and helping older people in your community live a better quality of life offers a real a sense of personal satisfaction and reward that other careers might not.

A career in aged care offers flexibility and work-life balance, enabling you to work the hours that suit your lifestyle and accommodate your family and relationship commitments.

As one of the fastest growing and dynamic industries in Australia, there are many and varied roles open to you in aged care once you begin working in the industry.

If you have a genuine passion for working with older people living in the community, and have a professional, positive and "can do" attitude, then we would love to meet you.

What Does A Career at St Louis Aged Care Offer?

St Louis is committed to its motto “let our family help take care of yours” and in joining St Louis you become a part of “our family”, working together to help older Australians live the life they want.

Many of our team describe “working in an environment that has a family feel but with a professional approach.” At St Louis we pride ourselves on providing the right foundations for creating positive and meaningful connections with our clients and our staff. The sense of belonging and teamwork is why our care workers love the work they do.

The sense of belonging and teamwork is why our care workers love the work they do.

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About You

Do you enjoy connecting with people?

Are you a nurturing individual by nature?

Do you feel happy when you provide support and connection to other people?

Do you want to make a positive difference in other peoples’ lives?

You don’t always need experience in a previous caring role to work in home care or aged care. You just need to be a genuinely caring individual who likes helping other people.

At St Louis we want to know about you, your skills, interests and even other languages spoken, as these can help make a connection and difference in the quality of support, we can offer our much-respected clients.

To enjoy a role in aged care you ideally need the following qualities:

  • You need to be committed and dedicated to caring for others
  • You’re focussed on creating positive outcomes for people and making a difference to the quality of their lives.
  • You’re working with people and their vulnerabilities so you must be reliable and adaptable.
  • A can-do attitude will help you more easily find solutions to the everyday issues that pop up when it comes to people, their habits and routines
  • A respectful, responsible, courteous, polite approach
  • You enjoy a conversation and enjoy connecting and being with people
  • You are warm friendly, passionate, enthusiastic, compassionate and caring
  • You’re able to remain calm under pressure

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Working for St Louis Aged Care

As a leading and trusted aged care provider, providing services in Adelaide and Victor Harbor, we are fully complaint with all Aged Care Standards and committed to providing the highest standards of care to older South Australians.

When you join St Louis, we offer you:

  • A comprehensive induction training program
  • Continuous and ongoing training and support
  • The ability to work flexible hours
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Ability to transfer skills if you have been in a caring role before and have let your registration lapse – home care gives you the opportunity to work in a care role again.
  • The opportunity to work in both Adelaide and Victor Harbor

Meet Some of Our Team

Meet members of the St Louis Home Care team and share their connection to improving the quality of
living for our clients.

Meet Cheryl, Service Coordinator

“How I put my planning and problem solving skills to good use.”

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Meet Louise, Home Care Worker

“It felt like a beautiful opportunity to be able to express caring, kindness and compassion.”

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Meet Deb, Aged Care Worker and Receptionist

“If you can give people some happiness during the day, your job is half way done.”

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Meet Jen, Physiotherapist

“I’m surrounded by happy work mates, and I love that older people have cracking stories to tell!”

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Meet Sahill, Community Care Worker

"My belief is that if I do something good in this life, it will return to me later."

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Meet Rosemary, Community Care Worker

"Home is the best place to be and I like want to help older people stay in their own homes comfortably."

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Meet Helen, Registered Nurse

“I still use my nursing skills and make a difference to people’s lives in their home.”

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Meet Sarah, House Manager at St Louis On Sea

“I’m very lucky to have this opportunity to work in an environment that genuinely feels like a home to the clients that live there.”

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Meet Bianca, Home Care Worker - Domestic Assistant

“I just love my clients, it really is such a rewarding job.”

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Meet Rose, Home Care Coordinator

“Have the courage to make a difference. Caring for people in their home is such a rewarding thing to do.”

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Home Care Career FAQs - Everything you need to know

Q What qualifications do I need to work in Home Care?

This depends on the role you have applied for. As a Care Worker Certificate III in Individual Support is required to be able to work in all aspects of the Care Worker role. You also need a current driver’s licence and fully insured car.

As well as formal qualifications, you must enjoy working with people and caring for others who are needing your help. A balanced blend of empathy, practicality and professionalism is essential to help your clients and for you to enjoy the work. Because you are working with people and their changing needs, your flexibility and problem-solving skills are also required on the job.

Q I have been in a caring role for older parents or for family, would I be able to use these skills in a role as a Care Worker?

Yes if you’ve had personal experience as a family caregiver, please include details in your application. We have had care workers who have been the primary family caregiver and have enjoyed the transition to the workplace or a change of career. Some have continued to study in this area after starting to work as a home care worker.

Q I am interested in applying for a cleaning or gardening position but don’t want care work shifts – can I still apply?

At St Louis there are positions for cleaners, gardeners and maintenance people– these roles to do not have care work duties. It is important that you have a genuine passion and enjoy working with and for older people in the community and find it easy to connect with them. Care Worker shifts are rostered differently to garden and cleaning unless it is the choice of our clients and then we would work to fill the shift with the right team member.

Q I have never worked in aged care before but wanting a career change and looking at a role as a care worker, should I apply for a role in home care?

Yes, we welcome people who are genuinely interested and passionate about working in aged care, as many roles in home care are varied your previous job experience and interests may be valuable in the role as a care worker. We encourage people who are self motivated with a service and care focus some examples include hospitality, health, retail, hairdressing, beauty, cleaning, sales or any industry where you have demonstrated good communication skills, a supportive attitude, patience, a ‘can do’ professional approach  to work, and a natural empathy towards and enjoy spending time with older people.

Q Do I need a car to work as a Home Care worker?

Yes you need a reliable clean well maintained car to be a Care Worker in the community. You will be asked to provide current motor vehicle service records or a current roadworthy certificate.

Q I was a nurse/allied health my registration has lapsed. Can I apply for a job in home care?

Yes, you can apply. Your application will be assessed on your experience and current competency to work in the role.

Q I am studying a Certificate III in Aged Care - can I apply for a job in home care?

Yes, you can apply. Your application will be assessed on your experience and current competency to work in the role.

Q I am studying a Health Science Degree at University - can I apply for a job in home care?

Yes, you can apply. Your application will be assessed on your experience and current competency to work in the role.

Q How many hours a week will I be able to work?

The hours worked will depend on your availability and how many home care clients are needing services. This will be discussed at interview stage.

Q What does a day in the life of a home carer look like?

Most days will be different. Every day you’ll receive a roster and access to individual support plans that will guide you in providing support to your rostered clients .

You might visit several clients in a day for an hour to several hours depending on their needs. Sometimes you may be required to care for a client for a whole day. The length of time you care for a person is variable and can be short or long term. Home carers can have client for months or even years.

Q How much support do I get as a care worker?

We provide 24/7 support. There is always an on-call number to call should you need support or help with a client

Q Will there be ongoing training to keep my skills up to date?

Yes. We provide comprehensive and specialised training for the role as soon as you start your job and continue with online modules and paid training sessions several times during the year.

Q Will I wear a uniform?

Yes. As a Care Worker this is supplied by St Louis.

Q What sort of work does a home Care Worker do?

This can vary everyday. A home Care Worker can provide support to assist with house cleaning, laundry and general tidying. They could be expected to help with personal grooming, shopping, prepare meals, run errands or provide transport for social events and medical appointments.

Fully trained care workers can help clients to shower and dress or support people with medication and help with simple prescribed exercises. They may also provide overnight care.

Q I would like to apply for a role as a Care Worker and I have a current working visa. What are the requirements to apply?

  • A current driver's license, passport, birth and/or marriage certificates, a Medicare card, credit card or utility bill in your name to achieve a 100 points ID
  • Copy of current working visa if applicable
  • Current vehicle registration details
  • Current vehicle Insurance details
  • A copy of your last car service
  • Current police check (NCCHC or NPC)
  • Any copies of relevant certificates in support of your application (ie – Cert III in Individual Support Aged Care or Tertiary Education)
  • Proof of Flu Vaccination for 2020/2021
  • The names and contact details of two referees who have previously supervised your work

For more information about Australian Immigration requirements in Aged Care, please click here

Q Can I speak to someone prior to applying for the role in home care to see if I am qualified for the job?

Yes. Please call us on 83320950 between 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday to have a confidential chat about the role.

Q Can I recommend St Louis to fellow workers or potential clients?

Yes. We are always happy to talk to people about St Louis’ services and offer a free consultation.

Q How do I prepare for the interview?

At the interview we will ask you questions about your background, your problem solving skills, your ability to work in a team, and the qualities you believe you have to be a care worker. We will also want to hear about your experience with working with older people and the skills you bring to aged care and why you would like to work in home care.

Q What do I bring to the interview?

Having the following documentation ready prior to applying for the job or preparing for the interview will make your application for your position at St Louis much quicker:

  • Current Drivers licence
  • Current police check for working in aged care (this can take a few weeks so please apply for this as soon as possible)
  • Car registration
  • Car insurance
  • A list of all your interests and hobbies so we can match this our clients’ interests and roles in home care.

Q How do I get a police clearance for working in aged care?

At St Louis we ask that you have a police check with SA Police.

You can start the process by clicking on this link or you can go to your local police station. This may be a tax deduction so keep the receipt for your records.

Q Do I need to have a Flu Vaccination?

Yes it is mandatory to have a Flu Vaccination as a care worker. You’ll need to provide a current record of your Flu Vaccination for 2020/2021.

Q What locations can I work in?

The general locations are in the advertisement for the job, but specific locations of work can be discussed at interview. We have home care clients in Adelaide and around Victor Harbor.

Q I have a few more questions - who can I talk to for more information on being a home Care Worker?

Please phone 08 83320950 if you have any other questions and ask to speak with Heather or Caitlin.

Q Do I need to do domestic duties as a care worker?

Many home care clients ask for domestic duties as part of their home care support plan to help them remain safe and comfortable in their own home. Light domestic duties can be helping your clients clean up around their home, dusting, washing, mopping, vacuuming, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, quick tidy up or any other duties around the home. Knowing what to do is easy? You will follow a detailed care plan that has been prepared by both the Care Support Coordinator and the client and this will allow enough time to get all the duties done and a risk assessment completed to ensure safety to you and the client. The client will always be at home while you are there, the client often welcomes you and takes time to have a chat while you are in their home. Some clients may chose and be able to help you complete some of the tasks around the home. Our staff enjoy domestic duties as they feel welcomed into the home and feel they are a support and made a difference to the client’s day. At St Louis Home Care our staff like to leave the client's house neat, tidy and orderly according to the clients’ needs as part of the service.

Q I work in NDIS care. Can I work in home care, aged care, or at St Louis on Sea?

Yes. If you have Cert 3 in individual support and have an NDIS worker clearance, there are opportunities to work at St Louis on Sea in Victor Harbor. If you do not have an NDIS worker clearance, there are other opportunities to work at St Louis Home Care in the Victor Harbor community or at St Louis Nursing Home. You can also take on domestic or social duties in the community with our clients. St Louis on Sea is an NDIS-approved care provider.