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Individualised Care

St Louis On Sea offers all the comforts of home in absolute beachfront luxury. Adopting the world-renowned Montessori approach, St Louis On Sea provides its residents with access to 24-hour personalised care while promoting independence and participation. St Louis provides a supportive, empowering and flexible environment for people requiring aged care, as well as people living with dementia or other health challenges.

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20 Esplanade, Victor Harbor
South Australia 5211

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Respite at St Louis on Sea can be paid through your Home Care Package*, or through your NDIS plan* or full fee private managed respite.

If you have a Home Care Package* or a NDIS plan with another provider you are welcome to enjoy respite and support at St Louis On Sea.

(*subject to eligibility)

St Louis On Sea - NDIS Services

Eligibility criteria

We are a specialist NDIS SIL (Supported Independent Living) Provider for people with younger onset dementia. You may be eligible for our services if you have an early onset dementia diagnosis, are younger than 65 years old, and have an NDIS plan. Please contact us to find out more about our eligibility criteria.

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NDIS services we provide

  • 24/7 Supported Independent Living (SIL) supports
  • Short and medium term respite
  • Community access and community participation
  • Group activities
  • Day options

    Our intake process, policies and procedures

    To find out more about our intake process, policies, and procedures, please contact us. We'll discuss your needs and provide easy-to-read documents for your information.


    For SIL and respite participants, we will work with you to develop a Schedule of Support, which will be developed in line with the NDIS Price Guide.

    Find out how our family helps take care of yours

    All single rooms with ensuite

    Absolute beachfront luxury

    Ultimate comfort and security

    24-hour personalised care and support

    Specialising in dementia care

    Respite Care across from the beach in Victor Harbor

    Are you caring for a loved one and worried about taking a break? Or do they need some transitional care after a hospital stay? St Louis on Sea offers long and short-term respite accommodation and support.

    Caring for a loved one can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Respite care allows you to take a well-earned break while providing a safe, supportive environment for the person receiving care.

    Providing all the comforts of home, respite care at St Louis on Sea supports people transitioning from a hospital stay either back home or to an aged care facility.

    Download Respite Care Brochure

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    In line with St Louis values of respect, dignity, fairness and choice, people are encouraged to pursue their own interest and skills, with supported activities including cooking, gardening, a men’s shed and social outings helping to promote self-esteem and engagement.

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    Only 8 private rooms available

    St Louis On Sea offers eight luxuriously appointed spacious single rooms,all with en-suite. People will enjoy sweeping sea views, access to 3 living areas, a large open kitchen, and a generous outdoor space from which to enjoy the sea air and the pleasures of gardening.

    Active Living

    St Louis On Sea offers ultimate comfort, security and lifestyle. Situated on The Esplanade across from a beachside park and playground, St Louis On Sea encourages purposeful involvement in the local community and day-to-day life.

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    The Best of Care

    South Australian family owned and operated, St Louis has been looking after the needs of older Australians for more than 70 years and is committed to helping people hold onto their independence and live life to the fullest.

    Backed by a highly-qualified, caring and professional team, and supported by the latest in technology, St Louis has a long history of providing for South Australian families.

    St Louis on Sea is the latest in the families’ suit of facilities – adding to the long established Parkside Nursing Home, St Louis on Blyth retirement units and St Louis Home Care Services, all sharing a commitment to providing warmth, care and a trusted partnership.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q What is respite care?

    Respite is defined as a short rest or break away from normal activities. Respite care is offered to families who are caring for someone as additional support. This can be for a few hours, overnight, a week or more.

    Q When do people need respite care?

    For the person providing respite care, they may need it for a few reasons. They’re planning to go on a holiday, they may want a temporary sea change for their loved one, or they may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all their responsibilities and need some time out to catch up on other commitments.

    Respite care enables people to continue caring for a loved one longer, with the energy and patience required in this role.

    For the person receiving the respite care, it allows them to have a safe break away from the normal weekly routine, a change of location and scenery and an opportunity to meet new people while still receiving the caring support they need.

    Q Where do you provide Respite Care in Victor Harbor?

    Respite care in Victor Harbor is provided at St Louis On Sea , a luxury and modern small shared home which accommodates up to eight people and provides 24x7 qualified care. It’s located across the road from the beach and has been designed to feel, look and smell just like a traditional Australian home. Our clients tell us it feels like a holiday when they visit for respite care.

    Q Can respite care be part of my Home Care Package?

    Yes. Respite care can be provided as part of your home care package if the funds are available at that point in time, you cannot use funds that have not become available yet. Respite care can also be paid for privately, or as a combination of both.

    Q Can I use my NDIS funds to pay for respite care?

    As long as you are eligible, then yes you can use your NDIS finds. At St Louis On Sea , if you have younger onset dementia, you can use your NDIS funds for respite care here. Call us to find out more about how this works.

    Q How long can I take respite care for at St Louis On Sea?

    Respite care can be taken for a day, overnight, for two weeks or as long as you wish. This depends on how long you need respite care and also on the amount of funds available in your home care package. Or you may choose to pay for respite care privately.

    Q How does respite care help people living with dementia?

    St Louis On Sea is like a real home. There is nothing clinical about it, it feels, looks and smells like a normal Australian home. It’s a small, shared residence of 8 beds across the road from the beach. While staying there, our guests become part of the home and the daily activities. They are encouraged to participate and contribute to the best of their ability and supported to be active.

    Q What is Montessori based respite care and why is it offered at St Louis On Sea?

    At St Louis On Sea, we adopt the Montessori approach to aged care and dementia care which works on the premise that every human being, no matter what their age, is able to use the skills they have to participate in meaningful activities.

    Residents are encouraged to engage in the shopping, cooking, baking, gardening - the full range of fulfilling daily tasks that bring a sense of purpose in a traditional home.

    Q How do carers and their loved ones benefit from respite care?

    For the person receiving respite care, it’s a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. You are giving your loved one a break from the normal routine while they are in a safe, warm and nurturing environment.

    For the carer, you are also getting a break from your care role so that you can restore, rejuvenate, and catch up on other personal responsibilities, while having peace of mind that your loved one is in safe hands.

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    Q Can I use respite care at St Louis on Sea if I live in Adelaide, Adelaide Hills or elsewhere in South Australia?

    Yes. You can live anywhere in SA and have respite care at St Louis On Sea. The location is beautiful, and the home is located across the road from the beach in Victor Harbor.

    Q I have another home care provider, can I arrange respite care at St Louis On Sea?

    Yes. We work in partnership with other providers. We will communicate with your current provider and arrange to have funds from your home care package allocated for respite care at St Louis On Sea.

    Q What support and services are offered at St Louis On Sea for respite clients?

    • 24x7 personalised care and support
    • Support tailored to the needs of the individual
    • A registered nurse on duty with qualified aged care workers
    • All single rooms with ensuite bathroom
    • Ultimate comfort and security
    • Specialising in dementia care
    • Montessori based approach to aged care which is inclusive and supportive for contribution and participation

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    Q How do I book St Louis On Sea for respite care?

    Call us in Adelaide on 8332 0950 or Victor Harbor on 7522 4458 to ask about availability and to arrange a tour through the home.

    Q How do I find out how my loved one is coping while in respite care?

    You can give us a call at the residence at any time and we also use technology to communicate with families and keep them up to date with their loved one’s activities. CareApp is a social App which both our carers and families have on their smartphones. Families can log in any time to see how their loved is coming along.

    Q Testimonials: What our clients are saying about respite care at St Louis On Sea.