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How a home care coordinator works side by side with you as your health advocate

Choosing a home care provider with home care coordination can improve what is known as your “health literacy”.

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Meet Jen, Physiotherapist at St Louis Aged Care

As one of our long standing team members, we interviewed her about working in aged care and some of the wonderful benefits of working in this industry that are not always so obvious from the outside.

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HC Coordinator

How a home care coordinator helps you get the most out of your home care package

While choosing a home care provider for your home care package, it is important to consider how your home care package will be managed. Choosing a home care provider with home care coordination can improve what is known as your “health literacy” as they can provide resources and information for you to improve the quality of choices you make for your support and care.

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Elderly Mother Home Care

How I helped my mother feel comfortable receiving home care | St Louis Home Care

My 78 year old mother has always been fiercely independent, physically and mentally strong. Her young adult years were shaped by sheer hard work and determination as a migrant to Australia in the 1960’s from Europe. Along with my father, they worked hard for their home and their family. Getting help or being assisted along the way was never part of their reality, they are proud of being able to stand on their own two feet and are not so comfortable with the idea of being helped.

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7 daily habits to stay healthy after 60

Together we can create a home care plan which supports you to maintain good physical and mental health so that life at home as the years go by is the best it can be.

Here are seven simple daily habits to help you improve your health. Start today, and in a few weeks you will see and feel the difference.

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Staying social as you get older improves your heart and brain health

At St Louis Home Care, we encourage our clients to stay socially connected. We introduce our clients to each other through our social programs, or if a client prefers, we will also arrange one on one social events with their carers.

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Walk toward better health with your Home Care Package and make new friends too

Join our “Walk n Talk” programs, where we walk, talk, enjoy the scenery, improve our fitness and have a wonderful social time too. Or we can arrange a one on one regular walking exercise plan with your home care worker.

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International Day of Older Persons October 1: St Louis offers our clients Digital Equity Support

Most people over 65 have the internet at home, however the Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) has ranked Australians aged 65 years and over as the most digitally excluded age group, so we have a way to go before this age group becomes comfortable online.

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A positive ageing experience starts with your first meeting at St Louis Home Care

Planning ahead for your needs as you get older gives you peace of mind

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Elderly Mobile Phone

Diversity at St Louis brings greater understanding and empathy

The home care team at St Louis come from many different work and cultural backgrounds, with a range of work and life experience. We value this diversity, because the community we serve and care for is also diverse.

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Home Care mowing lawns

A home care career – future proof with work-life balance

Would you like a career that is future proof, and less impacted by COVID and lockdowns? Are you looking for work that is more fulfilling with flexibility, work-life balance and security?

Do you feel you can do more with the skills you have? Read on!

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Meet our team: Jane, Lifestyle Manager at St Louis Home Care

Jane is the Lifestyle Manager at St Louis Home Care as well as the Residential Lifestyle Manager at St Louis’ Nursing Home. With a great depth of experience in community aged care, medical support, and nursing, she now looks after the lifestyle needs of our clients in Adelaide and Victor Harbor.

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Respite care helps both carers and their loved ones

Respite care helps both carers and their loved ones | St Louis Aged Care

There are more than 2.7 million unpaid carers in the community, with 96% of these informal primary carers caring for a family member. The average age of unpaid carers is 55 years old, even though they can be anywhere between 15-64 years old, and more than 50% are working.

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St Louis Blue lady o

Bring your skills to St Louis Aged Care and a new career in home care

You may be surprised by how many of your skills are easily transferrable to aged care and home care. The Aged Care Workforce Industry (ACWIC) has launched their new Bring Your Thing campaign to encourage people to consider working in the aged care sector, which will continue to grow over the next decade with an ageing population.

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Living with dementia and still enjoying a life with meaning and purpose

In the eyes of the carers at St Louis on Sea, people living with dementia can still live meaningful and purposeful lives. Our approach to dementia care is to work with people’s abilities, and help them to live an active life, contributing and participating in all aspects of life at home where possible.

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Deb photo

Meet our team: Deb, Aged Care Worker and Social support coordinato at St Louis Aged Care

Deb has been with St Louis Aged Care for ten years, and during this time she has worked in several different roles. Currently she is a carer at the nursing home and a Social support coordinator for the home care division.

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Louise photo Victor

Meet our team: Louise, Home Care Worker at St Louis Home Care

This industry revolves around caring for people and having respect for the lives of others, and felt like a beautiful opportunity to be able to express caring, kindness and compassion.

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St Louis Community Blog

Giving back to older people in our community is important to our home care team

The people who work in the home care team at St Louis have a strong desire to be helpful, to see people’s lives improve and to feel like they are giving something back to the community they are a part of.

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How Home Care Will Help You Create a Fulfilling and Joyful Life

Modern elders are living more purposeful lives. Not content to sit on the sidelines and be looked over, they are actively seeking a lifestyle that helps them live their best lives yet, putting decades of life experience into new projects and work in the community they are a part of.

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Chenee Coordinator

Meet our team: Chenee, Service Coordinator at St Louis Home Care

Chenee has been with St Louis for three years, beginning her role in rostering, completing her Certificate in Community Services and moving to a Service Coordinator role where she is today.

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Chair exercise

Chair exercises are back for 2021 at St Louis Aged Care!

Chair-based exercise at home every day can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing. They will help improve your strength, flexibility and stamina, maintain function and independent living.

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Home Care Blog

Denmark is showing us why home care keeps people out of hospital

Our governments are looking to countries like Denmark who have successfully prioritised and implemented home care in their community.

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Qualities to help you succeed after the age of 50

Whatever the reason to return to work, Australians over the age of 50 are bringing decades of experience and knowledge to the business or community they join. What are the qualities require to succeed?

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Hydrotherapy has more benefits than just physical – “it’s a laugh from start to finish!”

Freda attends hydrotherapy sessions every week with St Louis physiotherapists and her carer. The classes are funded through her home care package.

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Life stories: How home care helps Anna remain independent at home at 103

Anna is 103 and lives on her own at home peacefully and happily. She has family nearby to help her, as well as home care services that she receives through a level 4 home care package from St Louis which help her remain independent.

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Water Blog

Make the SPLASH into home care support with hydrotherapy classes

Hydrotherapy classes can be arranged through your home care support plan so there won’t be any out of pockets expenses to you. Experience improved mobility, more balance and less pain.

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St Louis Thumbs up

Why it’s important to continue your home care services through COVID

Having some help at home is more important now than ever. Maintaining continuity of your home care services through COVID restrictions will help you continue living at home with peace of mind and the help you need.

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Mental Health

7 reasons to reach out for some mental health support during changing times

When the world is changing around you, it’s not unusual to feel concern for no apparent reason, to feel more overwhelmed than usual, or to worry about who will care for you as you get older. This year started with the Australian bushfire crisis followed by a global pandemic. You’re not alone if you or an elderly relative is experiencing more anxiousness than usual.

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Home Care partner needs change

Thinking about your aged care options if you or your partner’s care needs increase?

For couples growing old together, it’s natural to be concerned about how you will both manage at home as you age. What happens if your partner or spouse becomes ill or needs to go to hospital? What if they require respite care after their hospital stay?

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LASA stlouis2020

St Louis Aged Care selected as a Finalist in the LASA Organisation Category

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) announced the winners for its Excellence in Age Services Awards to coincide with Aged Care Employee Day on 7 August, 2020. We were thrilled to learn we had been selected as a finalist in the Organisation category.

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Helen oxenham

St Louis Life Stories: At 89, there’s no stopping Helen Oxenham

Helen has been advocating for women experiencing domestic violence in Adelaide for over 40 years. She opened up the first women’s shelter in Christie’s Beach in 1977 selling lamingtons to raise money.

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Joe Physio photo new

Meet Joe Ellis – Physio Joe - St Louis’ newest physiotherapist

The physiotherapists at St Louis Aged Care play a vital role in supporting our home care clients and residents to stay healthy and mobile. Our physical activity programs are tailored to each person, to assist them in maintaining their strength, flexibility, and balance.

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St Louis On Sea Balcony View

St Louis On Sea - respite care that feels like a holiday break in Victor Harbor

“I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The staff were wonderful, the food was excellent, my room was very nice and I was thrilled with the excursions I did.” Joanne, after two weeks of respite care at St Louis on Sea.

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How St Louis Aged Care is minding the intergenerational gap

Wisdom and knowledge about daily living used to be passed down from grandparents and parents. Grandparents were a font of knowledge, with more patience for children compared to their busy working parents. Is this really going away? At St Louis, we don’t believe so.

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Roger 2021

“St Louis opened up my world” - how home care helped Robert do things he never thought he would

Never say never is the theme of this story. Robert has been a home care client with St Louis Home Care for several years. In his words, “St Louis opened up my world”.

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Man walking

Active Living: Here’s why we keep walking at St Louis Nursing Home

Jenny is the Physiotherapist at St Louis’s Nursing Home and in this Q&A, shares how and why she is so committed to keeping our residents physically active, especially walking.

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Tips to stay well at home during COVID-19 lockdown

At St Louis, we have made the necessary changes to our home support plans to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Our staff have been specifically trained in COVID-19 infection control to safely support our clients.

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Couple using laptop

Downtime is a good time to get things done at home - 5 ways to use your home care package during COVID-19

Many of our home care clients are catching up on activities they have been putting off for years. Some are using their home care packages during COVID-19 to begin new interests.

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Home care during COVID-19 – what you need to know

We are continuing to deliver home care services to our clients as required during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Update

St Louis has been looking after the needs of older Australians for over 70 years, providing care, comfort and support when they’re needed most.

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St Louis Aged Care Logo 400 X 600

COVID 19 Statement

The health and safety of our residents and staff is our highest priority, with St Louis continuing to adopt all recommended actions in line with health authorities’ guidelines.

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St Louis Dementia

5 reasons why you should consider a smaller nursing home for your loved one

There are many aspects to choosing the right nursing home for a loved one, but for the purpose of this article, we focus on the benefits of a smaller nursing home.

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Our Values 1

Our Values in Aged Care - Dignity, Respect, Choice, Fairness

St Louis is a family owned business that began back in 1946. We’ve been caring for older South Australians for more than 70 years, through many changes in aged care. Providers like us have regularly been required over the years, to refine our care delivery to meet changing customer expectations and industry standards.

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Dont Wait Demystifying Branding

The missing link I wish I had – a review of “5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle” with author Gail Miller

We interviewed Gail about her experience of navigating aged care when you’re starting out, and why she wrote her book “5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged care Puzzle”.

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The benefits of working with an aged care placement service

The decision to move a loved one into permanent residential care is a significant one. Aged care placement is a service which assists people to easily navigate the process of finding the appropriate nursing home

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St Louis Nursing Home – our approach to food, nutrition and menus

One of the reasons our nursing home feels like home for our residents is because of the delicious and nutritious food we serve.

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Why choose St Louis Nursing Home?

We are an ‘Extra Service’ nursing home & more

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Frontcover Pd Ds

'Pecking Disorder' – a story about growing up as a gay man in rural Tasmania in the 1970’s

Pecking Disorder’ by Robert Moore will be launched on November 16 and is a story based on his experience of growing up in Tasmania on a family hop farm.

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Robert Moore

How a home care package allows author Robert Moore to get on with what he loves most – writing!

Robert has had a home care package with St Louis for a number of years and appreciates how his home care package supports his goals.

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Chsp Blog

Why CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) funding is sometimes not enough

There two main programs available to older Australians to receive help at home are the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home Care Packages.

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Water Blog

Promoting positive ageing in our nursing home - and winning awards!

Anne Wicks is St Louis’ Social Programs Coordinator at our nursing home residence in Parkside. At the recent Diversional & Recreational Therapy Association Conference on the Gold Coast, Anne won the 2019 Award for Excellence in DRTA.

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Networking Blog

St Louis’ Relative Networking Group – for family and friends

Our most recent initiative is the Relative Networking Group. Our families requested a forum to openly discuss their experiences of having a loved one in an aged care residence and we responded by creating this recurring event.

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Positive Ageing Blog Sept 2019

Planning ahead - what does positive ageing mean to you?

The most important difference is those who are ageing positively and with health have planned ahead, putting into place a structure of support to meet their needs as they age.

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Aged Care Worker Qualities

Considering a Career in Aged Care? 5 Key Attributes of a Dedicated Aged Care Worker

If you are considering a career in aged care, in this Q&A with Caitlin Watson, St Louis’ Community Client Services Manager, we discuss the key attributes of dedicated care workers.

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Aged Care Puzzle 3 D For Web

Book Review: 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle by Gail Miller

I recently read 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle by Gail Miller, who happens to be a South Australian and has lived the experience of having to solve the aged care puzzle for her parents.

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Charter Blog

The New Charter of Aged Care Rights as of July 1, 2019

On July 1, 2019, a new Charter of Aged Care Rights replaced the Charter of Care Rights and Responsibilities. Previously there were four different charters for aged care services and these have now been condensed into one.

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Dementia Blog

How are you coping with a loved one who has dementia? Understanding dementia care.

In this Q&A, Daryl Carson, Home Care Coordinator at St Louis Home Care, explains what happens in families when a loved one starts showing symptoms of dementia. He offers advice on dementia care.

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Use Home Care Funds Blog

Using your home care package for its intended purpose

Once your home care package is approved, the funds are made available to help you maximise your independence and enjoy a good lifestyle in the comfort of your own home.

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Palliative Care Photo

Talking About Dying – Starting the Conversation About Palliative Care

The subject of dying is a conversation that is necessary for those facing the end of their life, and for most people is a welcome one when they are heading toward end of life. The often don’t want to bring it up for concern for their family, but we find they are relieved when the family begins to address it openly and honestly.

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Types Of Packages Blog

The Difference Between Home Care Packages and the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

We are often asked about the difference between a Home Care Package and a Commonwealth Home Support Package (CHSP) and following we explain the key differences to help you make a decision about the right level of care that you need at home.

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St Louis Retirement Village

5 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village – St Louis on Blyth

The peace of mind this provides to residents of our retirement village is significant. There are many more benefits and here are some we often find ourselves discussing with our residents.

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St Louis Pricing

St Louis Home Care Fees and New Legislation for Pricing Transparency

Pricing transparency of our home care fees has always been a priority for St Louis Aged Care for the last 70+ years of delivering a high standard of quality aged care.

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St Pauls Partnership

St Louis Aged Care and St Pauls Lutheran Homes delivering home care to Adelaide Hills residents

St Louis Aged Care and St Pauls Lutheran Homes recently announced a collaborative partnership to provide home care to Adelaide Hills’ residents.

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Dani Mc Kenna

Most aged care plans are made in a hospital car park – why planning ahead paves the way for positive ageing.

Most aged care plans are made in a hospital car park – why planning ahead paves the way for positive ageing. Q&A with Dani McKenna RN, BDM at St Louis Aged Care.

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Symphony Orchestra Small

Celebrating Adelaide – why it is a great city to live and grow old in

A reasonable population of 1.3 million, good urban planning, plenty of parks and wonderful bathing beaches, are only a few of the reasons why “quiet little Adelaide” ranks so well on the world’s most liveable city list every year. Why we celebrate living in Adelaide.

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Avoiding loneliness as you get older – ways to stay socially connected

Loneliness is a problem experienced by more people in our community than we realise. In Australia, one in four Australians (men and women) feel lonely, and loneliness leads to a decline in mental and physical health. So if you are feeling lonely and struggling to find ways to interact with people and make new friends, you are actually not alone.

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Grandparents Blog Small

Lessons that only grandparents can teach their grandkids

There are life lessons and pearls of wisdom that are better taught by grandparents or the elders in our community, rather than parents. They carry credibility, the lines in their faces representing all they have learned. All you need to do is take a moment to ask and then listen.

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St Louis Dementia

Make the Most of Christmas and the Holidays if You’re Looking After a Loved One With Dementia

There are many families heading toward the Christmas holiday season, feeling a little apprehensive about the upcoming festivities, when they have parents or loved ones to look after who have dementia.

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Qa Placeholder

Q&A with Kim Redin, RN Home Care Coordinator. Making Sure Your Home Care Package Meets Your Needs

Good news! Your home care package is approved and allocated and you are ready to start receiving the services. But what’s next?

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St Louis Info Session Blog

Confused About Home Care? Book Into Our Information Session November 9th, 2018

The St Louis Home Care team have organised “Confused About Home Care” an event to help you navigate your way through the confusion of home care options.

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St Louis Anne

Never Too Old, Never Too Late. Anne's Top Social Events that Made Our Residents ROCK!

Anne Wicks is the Social Programs Coordinator at St Louis’ Nursing Home in Parkside, Adelaide. Over the years she has facilitated the wishes of many of our residents – never too old!

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St Louis Dementia

Dementia Awareness Month: Small Actions Big Difference – Sharing What We Learned

Dementia Awareness Month: Small Actions Big Difference – Sharing What We Learned

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Stlouis Maria

Q&A with Maria Canatselis, Home Care Coordinator at St Louis. Why Your Home Care Coordinator Plays a Key Role in Home Care

Maria is a Home Care Coordinator at St Louis and in her role, she supports St Louis’ clients to develop a lifestyle that helps them enjoy their elderly years at home, by developing a custom home care package suited to their needs.

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Q&A with Sue Toner, Director of Care at St Louis. Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Home in Adelaide

St Louis’ Nursing Home in Parkside, Adelaide has been up and running since 1946. For more than 70 years we have been delivering high quality care to our residents.

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healthy eating

5 Ways to Maintain Brain Health as You Age

When we pay attention to our brain health, it ripples out to impact many aspects of both our physical and emotional wellbeing. Good brain health involves caring for what we eat, how we think, the exercise we do and our social interaction.

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Art Therapy for Wellbeing at St Louis Aged Care

At St Louis, we believe that no matter what our age, our love of learning can be kept alive and well throughout our entire life. One of the ways we support this is through our art therapy sessions that are held every fortnight.

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Playing Cards Small

21 Ways to Use Your Home Care Package to Stay Socially Connected - Q&A Home Care Coordinators Maria and Leonie

Maria and Leonie are both St Louis Home Care Coordinators that have worked in aged care for many years

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Long Live You – Living Longer with Health and Wellbeing

In response to this ageing trend, the Australian Government recently launched a new initiative called Long Live You to support people to stay healthy and active well into their twilight years.

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A Happy and Healthy Elderly Community has a Positive Effect on Everyone. Q&A with Sarah, LifeStyle Coordinator at St Louis Home Care.

Sarah spent eight years looking after our clients. She is now our home care lifestyle coordinator. She loves her work in the community supporting elderly peoples’ health and wellbeing through helping them stay socially connected. 

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The Importance of Staying Social as You Age and Using Home Care to Support You

with some forethought and the right home care support, we can help you stay socially active as your needs and circumstances change with age. It is not necessarily about having many friends, but more about a willingness to stay engaged in activities that give you enjoyment.

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Stlouis Renovations

Renovations at St Louis Nursing Home

Our Nursing Home is looking much brighter and more open since our recent re-paint and re-carpet.

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Your Home Care Package - What You Use Now You Gain Later

The more you use your home care package, the more likely you are to stay at home for longer, if not forever, according to a new report released by Macquarie University. 

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Did you know home care support helps you stay at home longer?

Home care support enables you to stay at home longer. Research now prove that the more hours accessed of home care, the less likely you are to enter into residential care

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Strength For Life Sm

Strength For Life – Exercise For The Elderly For Good Brain Health

Did you know? More than 400,000 people are living with dementia in Australia today? Exercise programs for the elderly have been shown to improve brain health, and it is never too late to start. 

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What is an ACAT Assessment and How Do I Prepare?

A member of the ACAT Assessment team will visit you at home to talk about your personal circumstances, how you are managing at home and what sort of help you need.

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Demystifying Homecare And How To Get Started

We have written the following blog to demystify homecare and to help you understand how to get started.

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Bringing Your Loved One Home From The Hospital With Some Transition Care

A little bit of transition care that first week at home after a hospital stay, goes a long way, even for minor procedures, and your loved one will appreciate it.

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5 Tips for Choosing The Best Home Care Provider For Your Needs

The CDC Home Care package allows more choice for you and together with your Care Coordinator you can tailor the range of services you decide are best for your health, wellbeing and lifestyle needs and goals.

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St Louis pilots new care technology


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I don't need home care services yet… or do I?

You feel a little overwhelmed by the house chores jobs like the gardening, it needs to be done now, your home seems bigger than it was and you are feeling it is difficult to get it all done. You love your home, you want to stay and you don’t want to move.

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Learn how you'll get your home care package

Did you know? There are several steps to work through from when you receive your initial letter stating you have been approved for a home care package to starting to receive your home care from your chosen home care provider.

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March 2018 Home Care Program Adelaide

St Louis Home Care March Social Program - Adelaide

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Romance 3066366 1280

February 2018, Nursing Home Program

St Louis February Nursing Home Program

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2016 07 24 Roman Drits Barnimages 002 Sm

New Coffee Lounge

Another exciting happening next year is the coffee lounge at the nursing home.

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February 2018 - Home Care Programs Victor Harbor

Home Care program for St Louis Victor Harbor, February 2018

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Burnside Village 03

February 2018 - Home Care Programs Adelaide

Home Care program for St Louis Adelaide, February 2018

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Knitting 707695 640

January 2018 - Home Care Programs Victor Harbor

Home Care programs for St Louis Victor Harbor, January 2018

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Bridgewater Inn Bridgewater

January 2018 - Home Care Programs Adelaide

St Louis Aged Care Home Care Program

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Popcorn 1433332 640

January 2018 - Nursing Home Social Program

St Louis Community January Home Care Program

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Pouring Water

January/February: Adelaide Home Care Programs - Bus Trips

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all bursting at the seams to start our bus trips again.

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December Nursing Home Social Program - Adelaide

St Louis December Nursing Home Social Program - Adelaide

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Arthur Streeton The Blue Mountains Cropped Event Detail

December Home Care Program - Adelaide

St Louis Community December Home Care Program - Adelaide

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Grandfinal Bustrip

November 2017, Nursing Home Social Program

November is a busy time here at the Nursing Home

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November Nursing Home Program

St Louis Nursing Home November Social Program

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October 2017, Community Home Care Program Victor Harbor

St Louis Community October Home Care Program - Victor Harbor

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Dsc01268 Lower Res

October 2017, Community Home Care Program Adelaide

St Louis Community October Home Care Program -Adelaide

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Grandfather 1434575 640

September 2017 Nursing Home program

St Louis Nursing Home September Program

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November Home Care Program - Adelaide

St Louis Community September Home Care Program - Adelaide

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November 2017, Community Home Care Program Victor Harbor

St Louis Community November Home Care Program - Victor Harbor

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P9200083 News

St Louis Receives The Thumbs Up

Guess which family-run nursing home just received the thumbs up?

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Royal Adelaide Show 4

September 2017, Home Care Program Adelaide

St Louis Community September Home Care Program -Adelaide

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Tea 1221477 640

August 2017, Home Care Program - Victor Harbor

St Louis Community August Home Care Program -Victor Harbor

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Port Adelaide Vs Adelaide

August 2017, Nursing Home Social Program - Adelaide

St Louis, Nursing Home August Social Program - Adelaide

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August 2017

August 2017, Nursing Home News

These newsletters come around so quickly – I guess that means Christmas is fast approaching! The only good thing about that is that the weather will soon be warmer!

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July Exercise

July 2017, Nursing Home News

I can not believe we are half way through the year already, 2017 is certainly going very fast.

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Logo Aacqa

St Louis Community Care Assessment

An assessment team from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency will be visiting our offices from 22 August 2017 to 23 August 2017.

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June 2017, Nursing Home Program

St Louis Nursing Home June Program

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June 2017, Home Care Program

St Louis Community June Home Care Program

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Mountlofty Bustrips

May 2017, Nursing Home News

Our bus trips held in April have been very picturesque. We started our month off by enjoying a lovely meal at Seacliff Beach Hotel. The company was pleasant and the scenic drive was very relaxing.

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May 2017, Nursing Home Program

St Louis Nursing Home May Program

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Pexels Photo 95839

May 2017, Home Care Program

St Louis Community May Home Care Program

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Home Care - Strength for life Launch

Join us for the launch of the St Louis Strength for Life program May 4 10:15am, St Louis Home Care 11 Dudley Road Marryatville

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April 2017 Nursing Home Social Care Program

St Louis Nursing Home April Home Social Program

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Screen Shot 2017 04 24 At 11 22 06 Am

April 2017, Home Care News

Affordable and supervised strength training sessions!

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April 2017, Nursing Home News

Renovations complete and new fire and electrical safety equipment installed.

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April 2017 Home Care Program

St Louis Community April Home Care Program

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Senior Socialisation closely connected with quality of life

New studies show even stronger relationship between social interaction and mental and physical health in senior citizens.

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Screenshot 2 02 2017 10 43 Am

Feb 2017 Home Care News

Summer is here, make sure you're Bush Fire Plan is updated.

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St Louis March 2017 Newsletter Pdf Page 1 Of 2

March 2017 Home Care News

Meet our new Service Coordinator, Danni

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St Louis March 2017 Newsletter Pdf Page 1 Of 2

March 2017 Nursing Home News

Frank and Anne and their social programs team have been enjoying some great outings

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Stlouis On Blyth Units

St Louis on Blyth - Independent Living Units Available

We currently have 1 and 3 bedroom Independent Living Units available for immediate occupation in our Boutique St Louis on Blyth development directly behind the nursing home.

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Jan 2017 Home Care Program

St Louis Home Care Programs - Adelaide and Victor Harbor

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Feb 2017 Home Care Program

St Louis Aged Care February Home Care Programs

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The St Louis bus has arrived!

A new St Louis bus brings greater freedom and opportunities than previously available.

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Fireworks 1759 640

Happy New Year

It's been another busy year for St Louis!

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Dorothy Tony

St Louis is 70!

It’s time to celebrate 70 years of St Louis!

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