Below you will find frequently asked questions about living at our nursing home. Our team are also available for a confidential conservation to answer any further questions you have.

If you have a question, please call us on 8272 3344 to speak to our friendly staff.

Do you use agencies or are your staff in-house?

Our staff are St Louis employees trained to our standard and expectations of high quality aged care. We don’t use agencies. We pride ourselves on our low staff turnover - 37% of staff have been here for 5 years or more, and 17% have been here for 10 years or more. This is unique in our industry which normally experiences higher staff turnover. 

What is your staff to resident ratio?

WWe have a higher than average staff to resident ratio in our industry and it varies depending on the situation. If we have a palliative care resident, we add another staff member for one to one care. This also occurs for a resident who has a fall and for new permanent admissions.

How do I know you comply with the latest Aged Care Quality Standards?

You can find the current status and paperwork of our ACQS accreditation here. You can also visit My Aged Care or call them on 1800 200 422. We have all our certificates for accreditation standards available for you to view.

Our nursing home is an accredited 'extra-service' care home, which means we have been recognised by the Australian Government as providing the highest level of care. We have paperwork for this as well. 

What sort of meal choices do I have and do you offer?

We have an in-house chef who prepares all meals on site. Our meals are not pre-made or frozen, we use fresh ingredients and cook all meals on the day. We use “Souped Up” which is a specialised meal planning regime specifically for aged care.

We offer residents a choice of two mains (a salad or sandwich) and two desserts, and bottled wine, beer and soft drinks. We also accommodate specific diet preferences such as gluten free, Vegan or Vegetarian. 

What sort of social activities do you offer?

Our social programs are well known and some have won awards. We accommodate individual choices and needs. We offer bus trips twice a week in our own mini bus for morning tea and lunch bus trips. We have swimming programs, art and drama therapy classes and many more social events. If a resident wants something in particular we will do what we can to accommodate them.

For more information about some of the more innovative social activities we have had, read our blog Never Too Old, Never Too Late. Anne's Top Social Events that Made Our Residents ROCK! See our social Calendars here

Do I have to participate in your social activities and events?

Participation is by choice only. The activities are always available to you, but you can pick and choose what you would like to be involved in. 

Do you provide 24x7 care?

Yes. There is a registered nurse on duty 24 x 7 and carers are available at all times for additional support if needed. 

Can I bring my pet?

You can bring your pets to visit. We love animals and have two resident cats called Poppy and Percy who are a delight in the residence. 

What personal items can I bring?

Your private room is your domain so you can bring personal items and furniture. We are mindful of how much space you have to move around as we have an OH&S responsibility, but within these guidelines our residents will create their homely space. 

When can my family and friends visit?

Family and friends can visit at any time and we encourage their involvement in activities and events. We encourage grandchildren to visit as much as possible as both old and young enjoy these interactions. 

How much will I pay?

Please look at Our Fees for this information 

Can I go out whenever I like?

Yes you can. We encourage our residents to maintain their presence and activities in the community. Residents on respite must sleep in the nursing home at night.

Do you have specific care for dementia?

Yes we do. We are not a “memory support unit” but we accommodate and care for several residents with dementia. 

How do I know if you make changes in your care delivery?

Any time there is a change in health status, for example if the GP has made a visit and changed the medication, families are immediately notified. Communication is paramount between ourselves and your family. 

How do you keep families informed of a loved one in your residence?

We use CareApp which allows carers to send you real time and visual updates, sharing special moments, important information and any care information about your loved one. 

What if my needs change?

We provide the care you need and change our care plans as your needs change. We call it “ageing in place” – we’re with you for as long as you are living in the residence. 

Can I try before I buy?

Yes you can. We offer respite care so that you can experience a short stay in our residence. 

Contact us today and take a tour of our home 8272 3344