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Care at Home with St Louis

As we grow older, we often come to need some extra assistance to maintain independence and quality of life in our own homes and communities. St Louis Home-Care can undertake a range of services to assist you in achieving these goals including but not limited to:

  • Home help (e.g. cleaning, gardening, laundry)
  • Transport assistance
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication support
  • Allied health and nursing services (e.g. physiotherapy, podiatry and wound management)
  • Equipment provision (e.g. walkers, wheelchairs and lifters)
  • Dementia support and advice services

Our HomeCare Options

St Louis Home Care offers both government-subsidised and client-funded care options. Clients also have the option to supplement the hours funded under their subsidised home care package with additional hours secured through our St Louis Lifestyles program.

St Louis In-Home Care

  • Government-subsidised home care packages
  • Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)
    assessment required for provision. An ACAT assessment is a free consultation in which an aged care expert will discuss your care needs and then issue you with an assessment report which approves you for receipt of a government-subsidised low or high home care package
  • Low care – level 1-2 packages offered in eastern, southern and western suburbs
  • High care – level 3-4 packages offered in eastern, southern, and western suburbs
  • LGBTI-specific packages available in eastern, southern and western suburbs

Lifestyles Programme

  • Fee-for-service care program: services can be organised on an as-needed basis with no ongoing costs to the client
  • No ACAT assessment required to commence services
  • No eligibility criteria or waiting lists for service provision
    Services can commence immediately

Applying for Government-Subsidised Package

At St Louis, we understand that the process of obtaining a home care package can seem highly complex and confronting for older persons and their families in the initial stages. Our consultative team are able to offer support and guidance through our application process as described in the 5 simple steps below:

Step 1: Ensuring Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a government-subsidised home care package, clients will need to undergo an ACAT assessment. An ACAT assessment is a free consultation in which an aged care expert will discuss your care needs and then issue you with an assessment report which approves you for receipt of a government-subsidised low or high home care package. St Louis is able to assist clients and their family members with the referral process or this can be obtained through your local GP. No assessment is required to use our fee-for-service St Louis Lifestyles program.

Step 2: Meeting the St Louis Team

In the initial stages of finding a home care package, our experienced team of Care Coordinators are available to discuss the types of care offered by St Louis, current availability of packages, and explain home care fee structures. We encourage anyone seeking more information to give us a call on 8332 0950. Our Coordinators are able to meet with you in your own home. Family members, partners/spouses or any other chosen representatives are encouraged to be present during this meeting. 

Step 3: Developing an Individualised Program of Care

If you choose to accept a care package with St Louis, your Care Coordinator will work collaboratively with you to identify key goals that will be used to develop an individualised program of care to support your independence and needs at home. Services are able to commence as soon upon signature of your service agreement with St Louis.

HomeCare Fee Structure

St Louis Home-Care has a very straightforward fee structure with two elements:

Basic Daily Fee: The standard daily fee is 17.5% of the basic single aged pension. Care recipients can apply for a reduction to the daily care fee to account for financial hardship. 

Income-tested Care Fee: care recipients undertake an income assessment as part of the process of applying for a package, from this assessment the Department of Human Services will set a monthly fee for individuals/couples with incomes exceeding certain thresholds 

St Louis Home Care issues clients with financial statements on a regular basis which outline the income, expenses and balance of funds within each care recipient’s home care package.

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