5 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village – St Louis on Blyth

Nearly 200,000 Australians live in retirement villages, or about 6% of the population over 65 years old. And this is growing, firstly because we are an ageing population and secondly because it comes with so many benefits. Moving into a community that provides the support you need when you need it, means you can live independently in the comfort of your home knowing that help is only a phone call away.

The peace of mind this provides to residents of our retirement village is significant. There are many more benefits and here are some we often find ourselves discussing with our residents.

You are part of a community. Staying socially connected to your community is important to long term health and wellbeing in older Australians. Read our blog on Avoiding loneliness as you get older – ways to stay socially connected.

It is easy to maintain and it’s convenient. There are shared grounds and resources so that garden maintenance and building repairs are provided for. If you want to travel, you can lock up your home and go, knowing there is a friendly community of neighbours looking out for their community.

You feel safe and secure while maintaining independence. Care is available when you need and is only a phone call away. St Louis’ retirement units are situated next door to our nursing home so that many of the facilities here are available to you.

You will remain independent for longer. Knowing that you have a community with care when you need it has proven that people make less visits to the hospital, less visits to the doctor and are generally, which has a positive long term benefit to your health and wellbeing.

You enjoy a good lifestyle at an affordable cost. Retirement villages are specifically designed and developed with the needs of older Australians wanting a good lifestyle, who want to remain living independently, with the care they need when they need it.

The benefits of St Louis’ Retirement Village – maximising your independence

St Louis’ Retirement Village – St Louis on Blyth - is in the leafy suburb of Parkside in Adelaide, next door to the Nursing home. With this proximity we can help you create an independent lifestyle to help you live the life you want.

  • Prestige spacious apartments with wide corridors, high ceilings and many modern conveniences
  • Our retirement units can accommodate a couple who want to continue living together
  • The nursing home is next door so that if one partner needs to be in the nursing home, the other can live next door in the retirement village and enjoy family time together
  • Access to care is 24 x7 so that if you ever need help, it is only a phone call away
  • Access to home care support and you can take your home care package with you to the retirement village
  • Stay socially connected and participate in St Louis’ social programs
  • Parkside is located close to the city of Adelaide so you will be centrally located

St Louis’ Retirement Village is a small development of only 5 units

There are many larger multi-unit retirement villages in Adelaide for people wanting a busier environment, however St Louis on Blyth was developed specifically for people who value a quieter and more intimate environment. It was also developed with couples in mind, where one may need to be cared for in a nursing home but the other can live independently.

With street frontage, the St Louis on Blyth retirement village offers a peaceful lifestyle. Let us help you design a lifestyle you want so that you can live the life you want at home, maximising your independence as you get older. Call us today on (08) 8332 0950.

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