April 2017, Nursing Home News

Work has been completed on renovating rooms and enclosing the southern nurse base to create an office for nursing staff. In March, St Louis Nursing Home passed the fire safety inspection from the Unley Council Building Committee. Due to the high number of false alarms recently, Safe Fire Electrical have been contracted to install a new ‘state of the art’ panel. This will maximise protection and safety of residents while minimising false alarms and will be undertaken in April. 

A new small (22kg!) washing machine and new large dryer has been installed to complete a laundry upgrade. This has increased the capacity and quality of the laundry service due to increased infection control capabilities and computer monitored water temperature controls to ensure thermal disinfection of laundry.

St Louis has been advised by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) that our three yearly accreditation will be undertaken in March 2018. We encourage all residents and families to be involved and provide feedback to St Louis Management or directly to the AACQA team with a view to an ongoing improvement of our service.

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