Are you a kind and caring person who likes to care for others?

A career as a home care worker will take you places!

A career in home care can offer a variety of roles and opportunities. Many people start their careers as community care workers and then make the most of the opportunities for career progression with additional study. It is also a great opportunity for people who have had careers in healthcare and who enjoy being one-to-one support.

As a care worker, you have a vital role in providing the support our clients want to live the life they want at home with connections in their community. Many home care providers like St Louis Home Care have opportunities to work as a carer without having a Certificate III qualification in Aged Care or Individual Support.

Many of our carers and staff have worked in different jobs and careers and discovered their skills and personal qualities easily transfer to opportunities within our team. At St Louis Home Care, you will receive full training before you start, with access to ongoing training modules, group training sessions, and continued support whenever you need it.

If you like to care for others, then bring your skills to home care

Are you someone who:

  • Wants to give back to your community and do work that is more fulfilling and rewarding?
  • A Carer who has cared for or you are currently caring for an older person and would like a pursue a career working as a carer?
  • Currently working as an enrolled nurse but would like a new challenge?
  • An allied health worker or nurse who may have let your registration lapse but would love to work one on one with clients again?
  • Working or have worked in childcare and want to continue caring for others?
  • A parent looking after your young family but would like some part-time work?
  • Recently retired and would like to return to work in your community?
  • Looking for a change and want to work in a more supportive team environment?
  • Looking for a change of career that is rewarding and one that has meaning and purpose?

You don’t need a Certificate III in Individual Support. If you are the right person with the right qualities, then you can work in home care with providers like St Louis Home Care.

What does home care involve?

Every client has different needs, and having the time for conversation and real connection as you provide one-to-one support is what many care workers say is the best part of the job.

Your day involves traveling in the community to different clients’ houses that you are rostered to visit with travel time calculated into your day by our rostering team.

At each client’s house, you follow your client’s care plan for your visit. This will detail the day, time you are to be at the house the level of support, and detail what you need to do while you are there.

Each client will have a different care plan as these are the services that have been coordinated by their home care coordinator meeting your client’s needs and wants and have been approved for their Home Care Package funding by their Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment.

You will have a lot of support in your job from your Care Staff Manager, the coordination team, the rostering team, and other home care workers, you meet at our regular meetings and functions.

Your workday is full of connection at each client visit you have time for conversation and connection, and this is one of the many reasons people who have worked in other industries, health or care enjoy the job and every day they work.

Here are some of the things you might be doing during your home care visits:

  • Light domestic duties – helping our clients maintain their homes with duties like vacuuming, dusting, and laundry. The client may want to be involved and we encourage them to be part of their daily activities to ensure they remain independent.
  • Cooking and Meal Preparation – helping our clients cook and prepare their meals.
  • Personal care – helping our clients to dress, shower, and get ready for their day.
  • Social support – taking our clients to places they would like to go that include their lifestyle, interests, well-being, and community activities.
  • Help with their pets – assisting with feeding and walking the client’s pets.
  • Medication assistance – If you are accredited for this you will provide support as required from their care plan.
  • Running errands – grocery shopping, visiting the doctor, assistance with general shopping, assisting clients to pay their own bills.
  • Transport and personal assistance to help our clients go to places like shopping, the Doctor, and other Healthcare practitioners or social activities.
  • Overnight care - 24x7 care as needed.

To be successful as a community care support it is important you have your own car, are reliable, and have the flexibility to work casual shifts throughout the week to meet your client’s needs and support them remain independent in their own homes.

To fast track your career as a home care having the following documents ready will ensure your recruitment process is quick and you will be at the very next staff induction. Documents needed to work in home care support include a National Police Clearance (no more than 2 years old), a current unrestricted Drivers Licence, and a well-maintained roadworthy car with comprehensive insurance, you will also need to have had Covid 19 and current flu shots.

Join the St Louis Home Care team

Our family business started in South Australia in 1943, our motto is “Let our family help take care of yours” - a culture we have held strong over the decades with many South Australian families coming back over the generations for aged care they can trust. Our values of respect, dignity, fairness, and choice underpin everything we do.

You don’t always need experience in support or home care or a Certificate III in individual support, you do need to be genuinely interested in caring for older people and want to make a positive contribution to their day.

Home care providers like St Louis Home Care provide induction and ongoing training to ensure you feel supported and know how to provide a high standard of care to those we look after. At St Louis Home Care you will enjoy the benefits of working in a family business and will be supported by your Care Manager, Home Care Coordinators, the rostering team, and all other staff.

We offer secure casual and part-time positions in a variety of roles, a family-friendly work environment, staff recognition, supportive team culture, and opportunities for career progression. Enjoy work-life balance and flexible hours within a supportive team structure with ongoing training to improve your skills and work opportunities.

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