Bring your skills to St Louis Aged Care and a new career in home care

You may be surprised by how many of your skills are easily transferrable to aged care and home care. The Aged Care Workforce Industry (ACWIC) has launched their new Bring Your Thing campaign to encourage people to consider working in the aged care sector, which will continue to grow over the next decade with an ageing population. If you have skills you can transfer, then you’ll be joining an industry in which you will have an abundance of work in the future.

The Bring Your Thing campaign raises awareness about the many and varied skills that the aged care industry needs. At St Louis, we welcome people who have the attributes and qualities that make a career in aged care a personally fulfilling one. You could be one of these people, read on to find out more.

What skills do you need to work in aged care?

Our aged care staff come from a wide and varied background. You may be currently working in hospitality, hairdressing, childcare, nursing, an office where you are coordinating and looking after other people, or many other roles that require facilitation and customer service.

A career in aged care can be very rewarding if you’re someone who:

  • enjoys helping to improve the lives of other people
  • likes to see people stay fit and healthy and can offer lifestyle and fitness advice
  • is efficient at coordinating and facilitating social events
  • likes to pamper and help groom other people
  • loves gardening and time outdoors
  • enjoys cooking and making nutritious meals
  • manages customer service enquiries and solves problems effectively
  • values autonomy in your day to day work
  • is a good listener and empathetic to the needs of others

To explore a career in aged care, here are some resources to get you started

We’ve supported many people to develop rewarding and fulfilling careers in aged care

At St Louis Aged Care, you will develop ongoing skills, potentially complete a Certificate III in Aged Care and get practical hands on experience in many different roles, all while enjoying your day to day work.

  • Are you thinking about a career change?
  • Do you want work that is more fulfilling and rewarding?
  • Do you feel you can do more with the skills you have?
  • Are you longing for a sense of community and connection?
  • Do you love helping other people?

If you say yes to any of these, give us a call on 08 8332 0950 and have a chat about working with St Louis Aged Care. We have an aged care residence in Parkside and we provide home care services in Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and Victor Harbor.

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