Celebrating Adelaide – why it is a great city to live and grow old in

A reasonable population of 1.3 million, good urban planning making it easy to get around, plenty of parks and wonderful bathing beaches, are only a few of the reasons why “quiet little Adelaide” ranks so well on the world’s most liveable city list every year.

It is indeed a great city to live and grow old in, not just to raise a family as our neighbours on the east coast will often tell us. Right across the nation Australians are getting older.

Here are some interesting stats to share with you:

  • There are now 15% of Australians over 65 years old and by 2030, they will out-number the under 15 year olds. This will be a first in Australia.
  • In 1970, the average age expectancy of men was 68 years, and women 75. In 2019, the average age expectancy for men is 75 years, and for women, it is 84.

The future generation of older Australians will be different to the previous generation. https://www.cityofadelaide.com... We have different education, working environments and community services available and we are also aware that growing older brings wisdom and experience that we can continue to put to good use. We are not quietly going to retreat into the background with nothing to say about what matters to us.

Positive ageing https://www.seniorsnews.com.au... is about staying active and healthy as we get older, staying socially connected and contributing to the community around us. For many of us this means to continue working and staying creative and productive well into our twilight years.

And to start the year by celebrating living in Adelaide, here are some of the reasons that we at St Louis, encourage our clients to “live the life you want to live’ right here in Adelaide.

What makes Adelaide the ideal city to live and grow old in?

1. Adelaide’s accessibility

There’s no doubt that Adelaide is a city where you can get to the majority of places within half an hour and most of them much less. This makes Adelaide an easy city to connect with, to explore and discover. It means we feel more connected to our city as a whole. Let’s not underestimate how easy it is to park either, we can visit places we choose and not be stressed about whether we can park or not!

2. Adelaide’s beaches

Our beaches are accessible, only 20 minutes from the city centre and free to park! You may not get the surf of the western and eastern coast, but you do get to bathe and float, creating a sense of relaxation that you take home with you! Our coastline of accessible beaches extends more than thirty kilometres and many of our beaches are joined by boardwalks that are pram and wheelchair friendly.

3. Adelaide’s festivals

We all know Mad March, the streets are teeming with people on their way to the next show. The vibe is great and the festivals are accessible for all ages. After Mad March we have a rest for a couple of months and then the Guitar Festival begins https://www.adelaideguitarfest..., with SALA soon after - South Australian Living Artists Festival https://www.salafestival.com/ .

In between there are many and various smaller festivals and concerts around Adelaide for both young and old, we cannot complain that there is nothing to do in this fair city of ours!

Here’s a list of the main festivals in March.

The Adelaide Fringe https://adelaidefringe.com.au/
The Adelaide Festival https://www.adelaidefestival.c...
The Adelaide 500 - https://superloopadl500.com.au...
Cellar Door Fest - https://www.cellardoorfestival...
WOMADelaide - https://www.womadelaide.com.au

4. Gardens and parks

The city of Adelaide is surrounded by parklands with gardens and nature reserves to visit on the weekends.

Have you taken a stroll through the Himeji Gardens recently? Have you had a cup of coffee at Carrick Hill? Or a picnic lunch with a friend at the Botanic Gardens?

Adelaide Botanic Gardens - https://www.botanicgardens.sa.g...
Himeji Gardens. - https://www.adelaideparklands....
Mount Lofty Gardens - https://www.adelaidehills.org....
Veale Gardens - https://adelaideparklands.com.a...
Bicentennial Conservatory - https://www.botanicgardens.sa....
Carrick Hill https://www.carrickhill.sa.gov....

5. Adelaide weather

We are blessed with four seasons and Adelaideans often retreat during the cold winter to come out again for spring and summer. We also have a dry summer which makes the heat much more manageable. Our summer average is 29 degrees and winter is 16 degrees. Normally a temperate climate although recently we hit the highest temperature on record of 46.6 degrees!

6. Adelaide’s “stress-less” attitude

Have you noticed that when you visit bigger cities, there is a higher level of anxiety and more of a stressful vibe? Adelaideans don’t like stress, it is not a good way to live. We make time for small talk about the weather because we can. We also don’t appreciate disorder, disorganisation and too much traffic.

7. Adelaide’s affordability

Last but not least is the affordability of our lifestyle here. Not only do we have less property prices with lower rent and mortgages to service, we don’t have tolls and expensive parking fees to pay either.

St Louis Aged Care – celebrating living in Adelaide since 1946!

St Louis Aged Care is one of Adelaide’s oldest aged care residential facilities, originally opening our doors in 1946. We love this city and the lifestyle it provides its residents. Since we opened, we have looked after many people around Adelaide at our nursing home, in our independent living units in Parkside or in their own homes. We have pioneered dementia in-home care and have grown our home care support services throughout Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Call us on (08) 8332 0950 to discuss how we can help you celebrate living in Adelaide as the years go by.

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