Confused About Home Care? Book Into Our Information Session November 9th, 2018

Organising a home care package or getting home care for yourself or a loved one can make you feel a little overwhelmed. Getting a basic overview of home care and your options by people who understand the process can help guide you in the right direction and better plan for the care you may need.

The St Louis Home Care team have organised Confused About Home Care - an event to help you navigate your way through the confusion of home care options. The session includes an overview of My Aged Care (MAC) and the opportunity to look at the support you can get to live the life you want at home.

Book your place today and find out more about the session below:

Why would you want to attend?

  • To be prepared for changes in your lifestyle needs as you get older
  • To explore what is available out there for home care support
  • So that you are not waiting for a crisis to happen where you are left without help when you need it most
  • To help you understand how to navigate the system to obtain the right home care package for your needs

What will you find out?

  • The different funding streams available to you for home care support
  • Who is eligible for home care support?
  • The purpose of My Aged Care and their services to you
  • Information you need to have ready when you begin your application process
  • The cost and fees associated with home care
  • The different levels and how to apply for each one
  • Current waiting times for home care packages
  • The home care application process – referral, ACAT assessment, approval letter and then starting your home care
  • What you can expect from a home care package

Who is it for? Family, friends?

  • Anyone in their late 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who want to start planning for the future and assessing their lifestyle options as they age
  • People who are concerned about caring for elderly parents
  • Allied health professionals working in aged care who would like to know more about aged care or home care

Planning ahead in your late 50’s and over 60’s – Why would I start considering home care?

Preparation is key to a lifestyle as you age that will keep you happily and comfortably at home. As professional aged care providers who have been in this field of work for many years, we have seen the difficult circumstances people get themselves into as a result of not being prepared ahead of time.

You are not eligible for home care until you turn 65, but planning for the years ahead is wise and will also lay a pathway for the lifestyle options available to you.

What are some valid concerns about starting home care?

  • I am concerned about the costs and whether I can afford it
  • The whole assessment process seems to be quite complicated
  • Does home care invade my personal space?
  • Will I still have my privacy and independence?
  • Can I choose my own preferred provider?
  • Can I change my provider if I don’t like the one I have?
  • Can I change my services as I go?
  • Will I still be able to make choices about my care when I start my home care package?

Book in to our Home Care event today

The St Louis Home Care team will be presenting the information session, which will include our registered home care nurses and home care coordinators.

Call us today on 8332 0950 to book your place or you can book online here. We look forward to sharing valuable information about home care with you on the day.

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