I don't need home care services yet… or do I?

You feel a little overwhelmed by the house chores jobs like the gardening, it needs to be done now, your home seems bigger than it was and you are feeling it is difficult to get it all done. You love your home, you want to stay and you don’t want to move.

It may be time to start considering home care services, for all the right reasons. 

Prevention is better than cure.

Sometimes people wait for a crisis to happen before they start home care services. It is much better to plan ahead and prevent problems that may come with ageing. There is no need to wait for possible physical illness or ailments that may stop you from doing your daily jobs or staying at home because you feel it too hard to go out or you don’t feel like you want to drive any more.

Starting home care sooner makes living at home easier.  Many people feel they will lose their independence, or do not like the idea of having a stranger in their home but if anything, home care services makes them feel more independent as you can enjoy time with family and friends and do more of the things you enjoy doing.

And it doesn’t cost as much as you may think. With My Aged Care home care package subsidies, your weekly out of pocket costs could be minimal.

Home care services provide the best of both worlds – enjoying your home and lifestyle with a little bit of help where you need it.

With our experience in looking after the elderly in our community for more than 70 years, we find that people are able to stay at home for the rest of their lives or much longer than they normally would, with some home care support. 

Home care has transformed elderly care programs for the better and has had a positive effect throughout our Adelaide community.  The latter years of your life can be very rewarding and enjoyable with a little bit of help. 

Home care services are customised to suit your specific needs with as little or as much care as you need. Our clients have all had different reasons for choosing home care services.Here are some of the most common:

1. The laundry is piling up and I’m avoiding it. Simple daily jobs such as doing the laundry and preparing your meals start to feel overwhelming and hard to do.  There are leaves in the gutter and you haven’t got the strength to climb the ladder.

2. My fridge is looking emptier than usual. The idea of grocery shopping is difficult as its too busy and it is too hard to reach to the top shelf and you would like someone to help you find the things you always buy in the supermarket.

3. My home seems bigger than it was. Things have changes, kids have moved out, pets have moved in and you need less room but you love your home. Memories are here and it’s your sanctuary. But you need some help to keep it tidy and clean.

4. I seem to stay home more than I used to these days. You have found you are staying at home more often and making the effort to get out and about is a lot harder and takes a lot of effort, you also don’t like the stress of driving when the roads or supermarkets are busy.

5. I find it hard to get dressed in the morning and have a shower! You are finding it more challenging to shower and groom yourself than you did last year, also at the end of the day you are too tired to get ready for bed and make your dinner.

6. I’d like some more company at home. You have noticed that you would like someone to sit and have a chat and cup of tea or someone to join you when you go out for a coffee.

7. Everyone in your family is too busy to help or going away for holidays.  Even though you have a lot of family and friends helping you with everything at home, sometimes they are not able to do it when you need the help due to work or they are going away.  You have more Doctors appointments and family and friends can’t be there when you need them.

We have helped many individuals create a good balance of receiving care from friends or family, as well as relying on home care services to do the basics such as shopping, laundry and other house chores.

It means you get to enjoy the company of your family and friends more without the additional pressure of them always worrying about you.  A family member taking on a carer’s role when they are not a professional carer has an emotional and financial toll and can be detrimental to your relationship with them, so home care services will alleviate these pressures. 

With some help around the home, you will feel more comfortable, safer and happier so that your wellbeing is maintained. St Louis’s approach to caring for our elderly encourages and supports you to stay at home for the rest of your life or for as long as possible. 

Call the St Louis Home Care team in Adelaide on 08 8332 0950 or Victor Harbor on 08 8552 1481 for a no obligation chat. We’d love to help you understand your options for some home care support.

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