Long Live You – Living Longer with Health and Wellbeing

As a nation, we are living longer. Today 15% of Australians are over 65 years old, and by 2030, they will outnumber our young under 15-year-old citizens – this will be a first in this country!

The growth of our life expectancy has been a gradual transition over the last 50 years. We are now living an average of ten years longer than we did 50 years ago – and ten years is a good deal of time to get a lot done!

So what does this mean now that we may well live into our 80’s and even 90’s?

It means we have to commit to our health and wellbeing more than ever, and not just physical wellbeing. We are talking about mental wellbeing, financial viability and social connection as well. And this is not about whether we can retire or not, it is a question about how well we will cope with life as we age.

For some this might mean pottering in the garden and playing golf. For others it may be continuing to be happily employed in their own business or someone else’s, or offering your time for voluntary community work.

Whatever your personal circumstances are, planning ahead so that you are emotionally, mentally and financially well to handle these older years with grace and ease, might just mean they can even be the best years of your life.

And why not? It is never too late and you are never too old to learn something new, to get fitter and healthier, or to make new friends and acquaintances.

Long Live You – An Australian Government Initiative

In response to this ageing trend, the Australian Government recently launched a new initiative called Long Live You to support people to stay healthy and active well into their twilight years.

It is a portal that guides you to resources to help ageing Australians with matters at the top of their mind. You will find links to further information:

Finances, Money Management

It does not matter what your age, you can start planning a better financial future with some help. There are changes coming as a result of the recent budget with an increase in the Pension Work Bonus and the Pension Loans Scheme will eventually enable you to access equity in your home easier than it is today.

Jobs and Employment

More ageing Australians are choosing to stay in the workforce longer, even with ageism at times working against them, the trend is there. Have a look at some of the resources available at Long Live You about jobs and training for older Australians.

The good news is however, that the 2018-2019 budget includes incentives for businesses to recruit and train older Australians.

Nutrition and Physical Activity

St Louis Aged Care run the Strength for Life program which is aimed at people over 50 years of age. You can also join local walking groups through the Heart Foundation network and check the local news for weekly walking groups as well.

Long Live You has links to resources and websites to learn more about diet and nutrition and the foods that are important as we age. Have a look at Eat For Health which sets out dietary guidelines.

Social Connection

Staying socially connected as you age is vital to your health and emotional wellbeing and unfortunately too many of us opt to stay indoors as we age because we no longer drive or we may feel less confident than we used to. However, depression and anxiety have been linked to social isolation in older Australians, so you want to take care that you don’t end up a statistic here. And you don’t have to as there are many social activities for elderly Australians these days.

Our Home Care services include social support and our clients who use this part of their home care actively, feel happier and healthier.

St Louis also run several social programs for our clients every week. Have a peak at our Facebook page for some of the events we run.

Staying Up to Date in the Digital World

Staying connected also extends to the online world and learning all the basics that you need to navigate the online space. Be Connected is a government initiative that assists older Australians to get comfortable with and stay safe online.

You may like to get more comfortable online for banking or finding information about events in your community, or you may even like to use it to connect up with social groups that you would not otherwise.

All of us are going to be an elderly Australian one day

Knowing that we are growing old in a community that respects the wisdom and experience of our older people, quietly gives us all greater confidence in the ageing process, instead of concern and trepidation.

The team at St Louis Aged Care know this all too well and have been looking after elderly Australians for more than 70 years. During this time we have changed as the needs of our clients have changed and we have always been advocates of healthy ageing, staying socially connected and physically active.

We are here to help you stay healthy and active as you age, empowering you with knowledge and resources to make the right choices for your wellbeing. Call St Louis Home Care in Adelaide on 08 8332 0950 or St Louis Home Care Victor Harbor on 08 8552 1481 to discuss how you would like to be supported as you age.

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