Meet Jen, Physiotherapist at St Louis Aged Care

“I’m surrounded by happy work mates, and I love that older people have cracking stories to tell!”

Jen has been at St Louis Aged Care working as a physiotherapist for the last eighteen years. She helps our home care clients to maintain good physical health and wellbeing, which improves their quality of life at home as they get older. This involves treating current ailments and developing strength and flexibility programs for long term health and wellness. She advises on home modifications and mobility equipment, and sometimes her visits to our clients are simply about catching up for a chat and coffee, which is good for the heart!

As one of our long standing team members, we interviewed her about working in aged care and some of the wonderful benefits of working in this industry that are not always so obvious from the outside.

Why do people choose a career in aged care?

“The people who choose to work in aged care have a genuine interest in helping older people to age well and live their best meaningful life. We find that people stepping into aged care roles have the right qualities, such as empathy and compassion, to be successful in this industry.

Ageing Australians are a growing demographic so there are great job opportunities to grow into once you start working here.”

What aspects about working in aged care is a pleasant surprise for new staff?

“Mainly that aged care can be fun and interesting, I love the variety of my work and no two days are the same. It is professionally and personally rewarding because older people can set goals and achieve them, just like all age groups. This makes me feel like I am making a positive difference by helping them improve the quality of their day to day life.”

Why do staff enjoy working at St Louis Aged Care?

“Firstly, it is a great place to work! It’s a family business and there is a strong sense of belonging. The staff are happy to come to work and the people I work with are awesome.

I like the work life balance of my job and that I can choose the days that I work. My contribution is valued and every day that I work, I change someone else’s day for the better.

We have high staff retention because people here feel appreciated and that their work is valued.”

There are many comments about “connection" and "one to one time" with clients these days - why has this become so important?

“Connection has always been important and with the recent pandemic restrictions, it is more important than ever that our clients feel cared for and supported. It is a real privilege to be invited into people’s homes and lives and it takes time to build these relationships with a foundation of trust. Clients want to be listened to and have choices about the care they receive and who delivers it.

This is only possible when we have the time to spend with our clients.

St Louis gives us this time, so we’re not rushed. We can spend the time we need with each client to sit and have a chat and find out what they need to improve their lifestyle at home. Home care is about providing the care they need right now, and about developing a plan together that will help our clients become healthier and happier at home as they get older.

At St Louis, we’re taught to do the job properly, with the attention to detail that makes all the difference to our clients. It’s never about doing the job fast, only about doing our job well.

I really do love my job, St Louis is a fantastic company to work for. I’m surrounded by happy work mates.”

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