Meet Joe Ellis – Physio Joe - St Louis’ newest physiotherapist

The team of physiotherapists at St Louis Aged Care play a vital role in supporting our home care clients and residents to stay healthy and mobile. Our physical activity programs are tailored to each person, to assist them in maintaining their strength, flexibility, and balance. This minimises the incidences of falling and prevents frailty.

Our newest physio, Joe, who joined us in early July, has worked in healthcare for several years as a remedial massage therapist and physiotherapist. He entered the world of clinical work and hasn’t looked back. Joe’s holistic approach takes into account a client’s age, capability, home set-up and what they enjoy whether it’s walking, swimming or another activity. He tailors physical programs and activities to their specific needs.

Joe shares his approach to caring for our clients and residents below.

What’s your role at St Louis?

“As a community physiotherapist at St Louis, my role offers a great deal of diversity. Each day brings unique and challenging opportunities. I am involved in delivering Hydrotherapy sessions in Adelaide and Victor Harbor. I conduct a variety of assessments to assist clients with home modifications, mobility, falls prevention, exercise programs and pain management options. If I’m not out in the community assisting clients to live a better life at home, I’ll be working diligently back at the office. I make sure all their documentation is up to date and that their equipment/home modifications are researched and purchased.”

How long have you been working at St Louis?

“I happily joined St louis at the start of July 2020.”

What do you enjoy about working in the aged care sector?

“I love working in this sector for the people I meet. Each and every interaction is so unique. My day is full of so many stories and life learned lessons. You can’t possibly get this kind of wisdom anywhere else!”

How do you approach mobility and pain management?

“As a physiotherapist my role is to support people in achieving their goals and enjoying a better quality of life. I work with my clients to understand how they feel so that I can offer the best education and guide to pain management. With a personalised exercise and treatment program paired with achievable goals, my clients often begin to see immediate changes.

I offer reassurance to those who fear that exercise will increase their pain. Pain can seem very complicated but at its root, it’s a protective mechanism. Even if an activity feels painful, it is not always an accurate indication of doing harm. While it may seem counter-intuitive, maintaining movement is the best thing people in chronic pain can do. Movement helps the body heal and boosts the immune system, whereas avoiding healthy activities often leads to an increase of disability and further loss of well-being.

Managing chronic pain takes a team of people. I will always get to know each, and every practitioner involved with managing my client’s care so that together we can help our client feel heard and supported. In managing chronic pain, I cannot understate the healing properties of hydrotherapy. The pool offers absolute freedom of movement, abilities and clarity of mind.”

What interests outside of work do you have?

“If I’m not working on restoring old Toyota Landcruisers, I’ll be off on an adventure into remote areas of Australia exploring and training wild camels. You may also find me at the rock-climbing gym, running along the beach, spending time with friends/family and riding horses with my partner.”

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

“I love playing violin. In fact, at my last workplace I organised a small concert and we all sat around playing music together.”

Favourite holiday destination?

“Too many for me to say just one. But I have very fond memories of my trip to Dalhousie Springs off the edge of the Simpson Desert in South Australia.”

Physiotherapy programs can be a included in your home care package

If you have a home care package already, call your home care coordinator to discuss our hydrotherapy classes, walking and swimming programs, or general physiotherapy. If you don’t have a home care package yet, phone us on 8332 0950 and we’ll help guide you through the process.

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