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About informal carers in Australia

There are more than 2.7 million unpaid carers in the community, with 96% of these informal primary carers caring for a family member. The average age of unpaid carers is 55 years old, even though they can be anywhere between 15-64 years old, and more than 50% are working.

Added to this, 33% of carers are spending 40 hours or more per week caring for a loved one, and a large percentage state they are quite restricted from being able to do the activities they enjoy. The majority of unpaid carers in our community are managing several responsibilities which can take a toll on their health and wellbeing.

The impact on a carer’s wellbeing

If you’re in a care giving role for a loved one, you may find yourself feeling compromised to continue providing care with the same empathy and love that you used too. And you’re not alone if you feel this way. Carers who come to us for respite care are relieved they have found some additional support to give them an occasional break from their primary caregiver role. In our conversations with them, we often hear them talk about their natural concerns for the wellbeing of their parent and also their own:

  • You may be feeling a little less patient and a little more irritable in general
  • Your energy is lower and you are feeling fatigued
  • You find it difficult to sleep or relax even though you need to
  • You’re not able to fit in exercise, hobbles or social events that you would like to
  • You’re getting sick more often and prone to allergies or colds for no apparent reason
  • You may be losing interest in things you used to enjoy
  • You might be relying on alcohol or sleeping tablets to help you relax

Although everyone’s caregiving role is different, it isn’t uncommon to experience caregiver’s guilt when you’re the primary carer for an elderly parent.

The solution is to get some help from time to time. If you have other family members you can rely on, that’s wonderful. But if you don’t, then respite care will help you as well as your loved one.

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The benefits of respite care are not just for the carer, but also for your elderly relative

A short but regular break from time to time will help both you as the carer as well as your loved one. At St Louis on Sea, our luxury beachfront small shared home with a maximum of 8 residents is like a holiday for our residents. We support independence and participation, with all the comforts of home and therefore it feels like a traditional Australian home. Our residents live there as if it’s their own home and get involved in everyday activities.

You’ll have peace of mind and you’ll be able to:

  • Take a break from your caring responsibilities and recharge
  • You’ll be looking after your own mental, emotional and physical health
  • You’ll be able to sustain your caring role for your parent or relative for longer

Joanne’s story

Joanne lives alone in an independent retirement village with a home care package from St Louis in Victor Harbor. Her family live close by and provide additional support when she needs it. She was initially very reluctant to stay at St Louis on Sea for respite care, but her family encouraged her. Her daughter felt that staying by the sea and participating in social activities with other people would benefit her. Joanne used her home care package for two weeks of respite care.

Her experience was a very enjoyable one, and beneficial for herself and her family. She felt it was a wonderful “holiday” break. “I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The staff were wonderful, the food was excellent, my room was very nice and I was thrilled with the excursions I did. They brought back lovely memories for me.”

Read more about Joanne’s experience of respite care at St Louis On Sea.

Bring your parent to St Louis on Sea this winter

Whether your parent is located in Adelaide or Victor Harbor, St Louis on Sea has the perfect location for respite care this winter. This luxury beachfront home has large windows opening onto sea views across the road. We take leisurely walks along the beach and get plenty of fresh air.

The atmosphere inside the home is warm and affectionate, where people are encouraged to take an active role and treat it like their own home. They have an opportunity to rediscover new activities in a safe home environment and sometimes they will go home having learned new skills or rediscovering skills they’d forgotten. With our experienced and professional guidance, we can help our residents reconnect to things they used to enjoy.

Use your home care package for your respite care – Adelaide and Victor Harbor

Give us a call on 08 8332 0950 to find out more about respite care at St Louis on Sea in Victor Harbor. Some time out from your primary caring role will have benefits for both you and your parent. Talk to us about using your home care package to have a well-earned break, while you loved on is in safe and kind hands.

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Respite care helps both carers and their loved ones