Senior Socialisation closely connected with quality of life

Physical activity and wellbeing have a proven connection, but a number of recent studies have shown an even stronger relationship between social interaction and mental and physical health in senior citizens.

Most importantly though, staying social with St Louis is fun! Families are a vital source of social support and St Louis Nursing Home and St Louis Home Care also offer ongoing social programs for clients on both a group and individual basis dependent on preferences.

Every individual has their own preferred meaning of socialisation, however whatever it means to our clients, St Louis is committed to ensuring you get the best possible quality of life with our social visits, programs and activities. Be it an outing with a familiar group or to expand your social network, to a new destination, sporting event or theatre, or a simple chat with a friendly face over a cup of tea. St Louis is a leader in the provision of care for those suffering from dementia and offers social activities tailored for dementia sufferers both in home and at St Louis Nursing Home.

St Louis Home Care clients, please contact your coordinator to arrange a social visit by a St Louis Carer to at home or to accompany you to your preferred activity, destination or outing. St Louis scheduled outings are detailed on our attached calendar, however be quick! Places are limited.

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