St Louis Home Care Fees and New Legislation for Pricing Transparency

Pricing transparency of our home care fees has always been a priority for St Louis Aged Care. With over 70 years of delivering care to elderly Australians, we have been committed to ensuring that our residents, their families and our home care clients are comfortable with, and know what they are being charged for when it comes to their care.

Our primary aim has always been to deliver exceptional value for money over the last 70 years of care

One of our primary business goals throughout our history has been to deliver exceptional value for money to our residents and clients. We have maintained this approach and believe this is one of the reasons we are still here delivering a high level of quality aged care since 1946.

We comply with legislative guidelines, we aim for transparency in all our fee structures and we have not increased our home care hourly rate since 2014 which is currently $49.95 per hour.

New guidelines for home care fee transparency as of July 2019

As of July 1, 2019, new legislation is being announced and requires all home care providers to further provide transparency on their home care fees. This legislation will make it mandatory for home care providers to clearly show administration fees along with all other home care fees. The new home care fees legislation aims for the following:

  • Encourages senior Australians to consider other factors in addition to the price of the service when choosing an approved provider
  • Provides clear and unambiguous pricing information on the common home care package services
  • Achieves price comparability across common home care package services
  • Limits any impact on the ability of providers to innovate by catering for different business models
  • Ensures equity in the requirements across providers and allowing dedicated areas to promote their value statement and point of difference.

In summary, this new legislation will require home care providers to clearly show their administration costs for their home care fees, to have the flexibility to provide additional services if a client requests this, and to ensure that people continue receiving value for money with the care that they need to live comfortably and safely at home.

A note on care coordination and administration costs

To deliver a quality service to our clients, one that makes them feel comfortable, safe and secure at home and living a better quality of life, there are administration and case management fees. This is common practise in providing home care services and some of the contention in the marketplace has been with organisations who charge hefty admin and case management fees, leaving much less for actual care costs.

At St Louis, we keep our fees reasonable so that we are able to deliver a high quality of care, so that our clients achieve their goals through their home care package. We explain these costs to all our clients and make sure they know exactly what is involved. The home care package fees are also detailed on our website.

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For more information on St Louis’ home care fees click here, or call St Louis home care Adelaide on 08 8332 0950 or St Louis home care in Victor Harbor on 08 8552 1481. We will take the time to discuss our home care fees and structure with you to ensure you understand the type of care that you will be receiving.

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