St Louis Nursing Home – our approach to food, nutrition and menus

One of the reasons our nursing home feels like home for our residents is because of the delicious and nutritious food we serve. We pride ourselves on creating a high quality and diverse menu which is a collaboration between our chefs, dietitians and residents.

In-house chefs using all fresh ingredients

All meals are cooked in house with two full time qualified and trained chefs who use fresh ingredients. Our menus aim to provide the following:

  • All food groups – fresh vegetables, fruit, protein, carbs and dairy
  • Variety – so that each day something different is on the menu
  • Dietary and cultural preferences – we cater for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, allergies and more

We follow a specialised aged care nutrition plan developed by Souped-Up which ensures we are covering all nutrition and dietary requirements. But most importantly, we want our residents to enjoy their food.

Lunch and dinner offer a choice of two dishes and bottled wine, beer and drinks are available at meal times. A continental breakfast is offered on weekdays and a hot breakfast on weekends.

Quality control – we are HACCP certified in food safety management, and all staff are food-safe trained to maintain our high level of hygiene and safety with food.

Diversity and balance in our menus

Ant is the one of the chefs at St Louis who likes to make sure he’s cooking food our residents will love. One of the advantages of having a small boutique aged care residence is that we get to know each other well. Ant has face to face contact with the residents and receives firsthand feedback on his meals.

He is regularly involved in resident meetings where menus are discussed and will incorporate specific needs, preferences or suggestions into the following week’s meal plans.

As an extra-service provider, we have a substantial budget for daily meals. We also offer bottled wine, beer and drinks at every meal.

Enjoy lunch in the dining room or in the leafy courtyard

Residents choose where they’d like to eat their meals although we encourage our residents to eat together, meal times are more enjoyable when shared. The St Louis Nursing Home has a lovely dining room overlooking the courtyard where meals are most often served, but our residents also like to eat in the courtyard on sunny and warm days.

We have a private dining room where families can dine together for important occasions.

At St Louis we like to welcome family members to share meals on the first day of their loved one joining us, but family are welcome any day with some prior notice.

The best home made sausage rolls in Adelaide!

Our chef Ant has a reputation for the best home-made sausage rolls for morning teas in Adelaide. We have visitors from far and wide who come along for morning tea – they are the best!

The collaborative effort between our chefs, nutritional specialists and the residents themselves to provide quality meals is a successful one. Presentation does not go unnoticed either, our meals are always beautifully presented and this alone makes us all look forward to meal times.

Call St Louis Nursing Home to enquire about living in our lovely residence

We are here to help answer any questions you have about our nursing home. Call us on 08 8272 3344 for a confidential conversation about living in our nursing home in Parkside, Adelaide. You can request an information kit, or arrange time to take a tour.

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