“St Louis opened up my world” - how home care helped Robert do things he never thought he would

Never say never is the theme of this story. Robert has been a home care client with St Louis Home Care for several years. In his words, “St Louis opened up my world”. Robert used to work at TAFE looking after the grounds and facilities and retired due to health issues.

Retirement can be a significant life change for many Australians. For Robert who used a walker for mobility, once he retired he found himself preferring to stay home, venturing out less and less. By the time he started home care with St Louis, he rarely left the house.

He never ever expected that his world could change for the better to the degree that it did. But with home care support from St Louis, he rediscovered his love of learning, began socialising again, and started writing a book.

Guided by our gentle home care support, Robert rediscovered his love of learning

Robert began his home care support with services such as cooking, help with the groceries and some home maintenance. As he became more comfortable with the carers who visited regularly, he gradually opened up, talking about what he loved to do when he was younger, and what he still wanted to do but never had the opportunity.

A trusting relationship flourished between Robert and our carers who encouraged him to explore his ideas and discover new interests. With his own unique way of looking at the world and a philosophical mind, he has many sayings to encourage and uplift others. He genuinely loves making make people smile and feel good about themselves.

One of his favourite sayings is, “You can always open a new door the next day.”

Robert needed a computer so we purchased a laptop to help him reach the goals he’d set with his home care coordinator, to bring his ideas to life. We taught him to use Microsoft PowerPoint and create presentations with his favourite sayings and the photos he would take on our walks.

He also wanted to learn how to play the ukulele and the piano, and our home care team arranged lessons. Soon he was singing away to his favourite tunes - Amazing Grace, Kumbaya and You Are My Sunshine on both instruments!

With the impressive leap of faith in himself and a whole new perspective on his life, his home care coordinator arranged an event at St Louis’ Home Care in Marryatville. Robert presented his slideshow and sang, played the piano and the ukulele to our home care team and visiting clients.

In a way, this event was a culmination of everything he’d been learning. The day was a great success opening hearts and bringing tears to people’s eyes.

He never thought he would….

When you speak with Robert, he can honestly say he never thought he would ever be able to do what he’s done. We were thrilled to see the positive change in one of our clients to this degree, to see that a little bit of home care help and support could make such a difference.

He never thought he would work on a computer.
He never thought he would speak in front of people.
He never thought he’d learn to use PowerPoint and be proficient on a computer.
He never thought anyone would want to listen to his sayings or read his writings.
He never though he’d start writing a book.
He never thought he would learn to play piano.
He never thought he would learn to play the ukulele.

He never thought taking up a home care package could open up his world so much.

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