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Home Care Levels

What is home care?

Home care is help and support in your home by qualified and professional carers. A home care plan is developed together with you, to meet your needs and to help you achieve your goals at home. Home care can be government funded through My Aged Care or privately funded. Home care helps you live comfortably and safely at home as you grow older, knowing that help is only a phone call away.

Find out what St Louis home care can do for you

I am thinking about home care and planning ahead

I need support at home right now

My elderly relative needs some help at home

Services that support you at home

Home care provides support tailored to what you want. Do you need some help to get out and about in your community and more socially active? Do you need help with the grocery shopping? Or medical support following a hospital stay?

We are here to help make your lifestyle at home as comfortable as it can be, with care directed by you, with as little or as much support as you want.

Live independently in your own home

Getting home care support sooner than later will reduce the risk of having to enter a residential home care facility. The sooner you start, the better off you will be because as you grow older, we have a relationship and history with you, we understand your lifestyle needs, and our home care services will adapt with your changing needs.

Home care packages

Home care packages are government funded through My Aged Care. Read about how each home care level helped Doreen, George, Jean and Michael to stay at home with much more ease and peace of mind. 

Level 1 Basic Care

Doreen, 67 “If it wasn’t for St Louis, I wouldn’t be in my own home”.

Level 2 Low Care

George, 82 I really like the lads group and it brings back memories of times with my friends”.

Level 3 Intermediate Care 

Jean, 86 “Thank you for helping look after Jean when she returned from hospital – it was a weight off my shoulders.”

Level 4 High Care

Michael, 74 “ I don’t know how I would have coped without your understanding of dementia care”.

About St Louis

With our long history in providing aged care services since 1946, the secret to our success has been a solid foundation which supports respect, kindness and compassion as well as innovation. We invite new initiatives that will help us better deliver our care, we stay across social change and we embrace new technologies to connect families and residents more effectively.