Demystifying Homecare And How To Get Started

Since homecare was introduced in the 1990’s as an approved and formalised care plan for the elderly, there have been many acronyms introduced, procedures and processes to be understood and forms to be filled out. We have written the following blog to demystify homecare and to help you understand how to get started.

There have been many reforms in the aged care industry over the last 50 years and home care is one of these. Since it’s inception it has made a significant difference to the lives of many Australians. St Louis is both proud and grateful to be able to contribute to this evolution of caring for the elderly in a way that helps them thrive.

In Australia, more people every year are opting for home care as the benefits are being experienced in the community and homecare providers are growing the services they have to offer. So you can expect more improvements and services delivered over the next few years, that will help improve your time at home as you age.

We have always said at St Louis that these latter years of your life can be very rewarding at home, so we will help you make the best of them and are committed to continually improving our service to you.

Following is an explanation of some of the terms used in home care.

My Aged Care

My Aged Care is part of the Australian Government and is the central access point to aged care in Australia. They are responsible for channelling aged care finds toward home care packages. You need to register with My Aged Care if you wish to start any sort of aged care program. Visit the My Aged Care Website for information and to register.

CDC – Consumer Directed Care

CDC was introduced in 2015 in response to concerns about people not having choices about how and when their care was delivered, and feeling submissive to the aged care system rather than empowered. Call it a lack of consciousness or awareness in our community, but things have substantially changed since then. CDC means that you as the client, chooses how, when and by whom your home care is delivered. The ultimate decision about your care is up to you to m

ACAT Assessment

ACAT stands for Aged Care Assessment Team. An ACAT Assessment is required before you are allocated a homecare package and a My Aged Care team member will visit you to discuss and decide on the level of homecare services you will need.

HCP – Home Care Package

Once you have been approved for homecare, you will be allocated a package according to your care needs. This is Level 1,2,3 or 4 from low care to high care. Our Home Care FAQ’s page answers more questions about this.

The Steps To Beginning A Homecare Program

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A Word On Fees

Here is an overview of fees and how these work.

The government subsidises home care packages and the amount of subsidy depends on your personal circumstances. Homecare providers can charge abasic daily fee, which is a maximum of 17.5% of the basic age pension. This equates to $10.10 per day as of the current pension payments.

You may also need to pay an income tested care fee and this will be assessed by Centrelink. The higher your income, the higher the income tested fee will be and your home care package will be reduced by this fee.;

What Do I Do Next?

You can register with My Aged Care and begin the process of applying for a home care package, or you can call the St Louis Home Care team on 1800 011 946, and we will help you to start your homecare assessment process.

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