Downtime is a good time to get things done at home - 5 ways to use your home care package during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of all of us. This enforced downtime has slowed the busy pace of our lives and in some ways it has been a blessing. Many of our home care clients are catching up on activities they have been putting off for years. Some are using the time to begin new interests, do an early spring clean or to learn more about the online world.

Downtime is an ideal time to start something new or catch up

You can use your home care package to get more productive at home during this lockdown phase. Here are five ways our clients are using their home care packages during COVID-19 that you might like to think about.

1. Update technology skills

Did you know you can purchase technology items through your home care package? Items such as computers and tablets or mobile phones can be purchased with your home care funds. Our carers will help you choose the right technology for your needs and get you comfortable with using it and navigating the online world.

2. Make new friends online

With your new or existing computer or tablet, our carers will help you find groups online for people over the age of 60 who have similar interests. COVID-19 has exponentially increased the many activities and people you can connect with online. This will help you stay connected to your wider community and other online groups of like-minded people such as gardening or cooking. There are new worlds ready to open up to you, all you need to do is take the first digital step. Our carers will help you get started.

Spring clean at home before winter

Even though we’re heading into winter, it’s an ideal time to bring the spring clean forward and do it now. Cleaning out the house before winter sets in when the doors and windows remain closed for longer will prepare you for a healthier season. Your home will be cleaner and less attractive to both germs and bugs. If you want, we’ll help you declutter as well and make more space at home to move around in.

3. Get the garden ready for winter

There’s plenty to do to get the garden ready for winter so that it can thrive in spring. Prune the perennials, regenerate your compost, clean out old and rotting plants, plant your bulbs, and prepare the soil. Or you might like to get your roses ready for the dormant winter, do some general pruning of fruit trees and replant shrubs for spring. All those small jobs you’ve been wanting to do for a while can be done through your home care package. We’ll arrange one of our friendly gardeners to give you a hand or do the work for you.

4. Learn some new recipes

Since you have more time at home, why not increase your weekly menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Our carers will help you discover some new recipes and will go shopping for new ingredients. We’ll also suggest some of our favourite cookbooks in which you’ll find easy and delicious recipes.

Call your home care coordinator to find out how you can put your home care package to good use during COVID-19

One of the roles of your home care coordinator is to adjust your home care package as your needs change. During COVID-19, there is far less social and outdoor activity, releasing some of these funds for you to use in other ways. Downtime is an ideal time to get on with those jobs you’ve been putting off or to step into a new interest.

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