How a home care package allows author Robert Moore to get on with what he loves most – writing!

Robert Moore is a widely published writer of poetry, plays, articles, short stories and children’s books. Based in Adelaide, his most recent novel “Pecking Disorder” will be launched on November 16.

Robert has had a home care package with St Louis for a number of years and appreciates how it supports him to achieve his goals. In his words, “St Louis have made sure that I stay grounded so that I can have space to ramble and create.”

We interviewed Robert recently about the benefits he is experiencing through having a home care package

What prompted you to get a home care package?

“I was originally getting some help from the local council like cleaning and home maintenance. I had been getting a disability pension for some time as I had been diagnosed with HIV. The help was a little hit and miss and I had to go through regular interviews which were tedious. I needed regular and accessible help at home.

I heard that St Louis was focusing on LGBTQIA people and the local council introduced me to the St Louis team. They were very embracing and non-judgmental and were open to people from all walks of life.”

How did you find the process of applying for and receiving home care?

“I found it an easy process because St Louis took care of the details. They managed the assessment and approval process, they advised me on the level of care I needed to suit my needs. I explained my work and my lifestyle and they put the package together around those needs.”

What services does St Louis offer you?

“I channel my home care funds mainly to some house cleaning and mostly gardening as this is where I need the help. My garden is my sanctuary so it’s important to me it remains well maintained.

It’s a large garden which is sloped. It’s quiet and on a hammer head block off the main street, among the gum trees, koalas, currawongs and magpies. It’s a place of rest and relaxation for me and I appreciate being able to sit in my garden and be with nature.

I also have a cat called Hyperbole and St Louis were able to provide boarding for him while I went overseas for four weeks recently.

I value the flexibility that my home care package provides, and I can change the support as my needs change, for example with the cat boarding. The home care team at St Louis are my support network who know my lifestyle needs quite well.”

How has it helped you improve your lifestyle?

“I have an attitude of things must be done well yesterday, I am always looking to improve my work and stay on top of my commitments. My home care package as helped me to maintain discipline for my writing because if I don’t do some kind of writing every day I feel agitated – it’s in my DNA!

I can relax more knowing I can get on with my work while there is someone caring for the garden and tidying up around me. It’s not because I can’t do this work, it’s simply about not excessively tiring myself out and allowing energy for the things I love to do – writing! I like daily discipline in my life and I have a strong work ethic.”

“Not surprisingly, I have had a lot more work published since I started with St Louis home care.

What would you say to people concerned about losing their independence with a home care package?

“For me, I maintained and gained more independence with a home care package, it just depends on how you use it.

The person who does my garden is great, he understands what I want and gets on with it. I love the staff at St Louis, they understand what I need and they’re responsive.

I can change the package as I need it to get less gardening and more home maintenance and cleaning when required.

My advice to people is not to hesitate, to get on with applying for a home care package as it can take a long time to approve. When you start your home care package, have a mind set of keeping your independence and using the home care for things that take up time you’d rather be spending elsewhere.

Under CDC (consumer directed care) which basically means I can choose how my home care package funds are used, I was able to direct some of my funds to buying a new computer as it support my work. Extra things like this can be covered by a home care package which you don’t always realise up front, but really appreciate when it happens.

I go to Strength for Life classes which help me stay fit and well and able to write! These are also covered by my home care package.

For the LGBTQIA community of people out there, they may not realise this type of support is freely available. Sometimes they feel they cannot access packages such as this. I hope more will find them.”

Want to get more creative? Let St Louis support you with home care.

Call St Louis home care Adelaide on 08 8332 0950 or St Louis home care Victor Harbor on 08 8552 1481 to have a no obligation and confidential conversation with our home care coordinators. And if you want to attendRobert’s next book launch “Pecking Disorder”, the details are here!

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