How to safely transition from hospital to home using your home care package

The transition from hospital to home after a medical procedure or emergency visit is a delicate time for our clients. But with the right support in place, they have the best opportunity to recover and live in their homes again.

Research into older Australians going into hospital has shown that the longer a person stays in hospital, the risk of being placed into permanent residential care is significantly higher. We provide a support network while our clients are in hospital, as many have the goal of returning home and living in their own homes.

Your home care package is a great resource during this time and can make your transition back home much easier.

Using your home care package to settle back at home after hospital

When do you contact your home care provider?

As soon as a client goes to hospital, it is important that their homecare provider and coordinator are notified to put any services on hold, we also start the process for any support plan changes for their return home. We have found that the sooner we get involved, the better it is for our clients. With your permission and support, we can offer support to you with a collaborative approach and be in contact the hospital and medical staff, your doctor, your loved ones, and your family, to start planning for a safe return home when you are discharged from hospital.

We understand that sometimes families may be concerned for their loved one’s wellbeing and may want to keep them in the hospital a little longer for their health and safety and feel that they are not able to plan for the support needed when they get home. However, some research has shown that the risk of going into permanent care is much higher for every 24 hours that a person stays in hospital after their medical procedure or emergency visit.

What support can you expect from your Home Care Coordinator?

Your Home Care Coordinator can attend meetings with your family and loved ones, nursing staff, OTs, and physiotherapists to discuss recovery following a hospital stay. They will discuss how the home care package support and the services will be able to provide individualised support for your recovery at home.

We find that hospital staff appreciate a collaborative approach as they are working on a support plan that includes safety, health, wellbeing, and with minimal risk for the client before discharge. We work with them to ensure the client’s care and support plans are adequate, or if they need a new ACAT assessment for a new level of home care package funding before going home so their support can be upgraded

What happens after being discharged from hospital?

The level of care provided will depend on your home care package and the care services included in your home care support plan. We can change the care as required to ensure you are receiving the help you need to transition to life at home again. If there are any unspent funds in your home care package, this is the perfect time to use them or to have another ACAT assessment to increase your home care package funding.

These are some of the services that your home care package can include to help you recover well at home:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech pathology
  • Additional rails at home for your safety
  • Mobility aids as required
  • Nursing support at home
  • Respite care
  • Increased Care services
  • Meal preparation and Diet support
  • Sourcing other local support services to help you.

Mary 85, left permanent residential care and went back home

Mary who is 85, was moved to a nursing home after a complicated medical procedure left her in a coma. While she was in a coma, her belongings were sold. She eventually recovered and she called us for help. She wanted to move out of the nursing home even though her family preferred her to stay there.

There was a team of us helping Mary so that we could make her wish come true and keep her safe and comfortable at the same time. We transitioned Mary to a semi-independent living unit. Because she has no furnishings or belongings left, everything she needed was donated.

Six years later she is still living in her unit happily and comfortably. While it is unusual to move from a nursing home back to independent living, we find when people get the right care and support in a nursing home, their health and well-being improve, and in some cases, they can return to an independent living lifestyle. With collaborative planning that involves your home care coordinator and other health professionals, this can be achieved. Your home care support plan may need to be increased to full capacity and your home care coordinator will work with you to ensure the plan meets your needs and goals.

Apply for a home care package today with St Louis Home Care

Home care packages can take up to 12 months to begin so we recommend starting the application process/ sooner than later. Please phone us if you would like some more information about your home care options. You can call St Louis Home Care Adelaide on 8332 0950 or St Louis Home Care Victor Harbor on 8552 1481.

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