Lessons that only grandparents can teach their grandkids

There are some life lessons that only Grandparents can pass on. The lines in their faces represent all they have learned and grown through as people. We celebrate grandparents at St Louis and encourage as much inter-generational connection as possible.

Here are some pearls of wisdom we have heard grandparents in our community pass onto their grandkids.

Good manners go a long way

Never underestimate the value of good manners. Good manners will take you much further toward your goals, a better version of you and therefore a better life. Good manners show that you are interested, engaged, caring and above all respectful of the person you are speaking to. Life will open more doors when you approach others with good intent and good manners.

Save money

Only someone who does not care about their future will not put away some money every month. Do not spend everything you are given or everything you earn. Put aside at least 10% every month in your savings account. If you establish good money habits from the start, you will always have enough money throughout your life.

Have patience

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if you are a sprinter! Life takes many turns, and your priorities will change and this is natural. Have patience and allow yourself the time to learn whatever it is you put your mind to. Do not expect to become an expert at anything you have just started straight away, new skills take time to develop and a lot of experience!

Good things come to those who wait and patience is definitely a virtue.

Show self-respect

No matter what the situation you’re in, always have respect for yourself first. By showing self-respect you will show the world that you care enough about yourself, and they too will show care toward you.

The more you demonstrate self-respect, the more you will be able to manage difficult situations with grace and ease.

“The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Live with gratitude in your heart daily

Be grateful every day for the good things in your life and don’t take them for granted. Feeling grateful makes you feel happier because you are focusing on what is working in your life. Remember to show gratitude to those who help and assist you on your journey through life, whether it be personal, at school or in work situations.

Actions speak louder than words

Never was a truer word spoken. Actions will always speak louder than words. Beware those who speak a lot and deliver little. Be a person of your word and do what you say you will do. Words followed by your committed actions can move mountains.

Do not chase happiness

Do not expect happiness to arrive on your lap, on a platter, or on your social media streak. It does not happen this way. Happiness is not to be chased either, because this only brings unhappiness.

Be present, find pleasure in what you do and the interactions you have. Happiness is spontaneous and it comes when it comes, remember to notice it when it does so you can enjoy the moment.

Do not have unrealistic expectations of others

Everyone has their own perspective and views of events, people and situations. Do your best not to take anything personally. Instead take the small disappointments in your stride and enjoy moments with family and friends.

And finally, a word for young and old…..

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Every day brings new experiences, some good and some not so good. If you could take a bird’s eye view of your life, often you will see that your life is just fine the way it is. Do not concern yourself with the small stuff too much, these have a way of working themselves out with a bit of patience.

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