Your Home Care Package - What You Use Now You Gain Later

The more you use your home care package, the more likely you are to stay at home for longer, if not forever, according to a new report released by Macquarie University. You can imagine the home care team at St Louis in Adelaide and Victor Harbor were very excited when this recent report was released.

We have always known this, but it helps immensely to get a quantifiable study that proves the benefits.

Use your home care package to maintain your lifestyle

The report states that the more you use your home care, the more likely you are to stay at home. So if your home care package needs a review or you want to discuss your home care plan and make some changes, best to do it sooner than later and start taking greater advantage of it.

People stop doing the things they love without even noticing because they get too hard

Often people think that it’s the physical support provided by home care that makes the difference – providing help with meals, domestic duties and taking people to their healthcare appointments.

But this research shows what we have always known, that as people age, perhaps living on their own because they have lost their partner, doing everyday chores and activities they enjoyed that take you out and about get harder. The result is that people don’t do many of the things they loved to do and this change is barely noticed until they look back and see what has been missing.

Home care is ultimately about enabling elderly Australians to age gracefully and happily

Home care is not just about providing paid, physical support to people at home. It has a far greater impact than that. It is about enabling elderly Australians to stay at home as they age, allowing them to age gracefully and happily knowing they have a supportive infrastructure available to them.

This means providing social support and this was one of the distinctive findings of this report. The people who used their home care package to its maximum capacity and included social support, were the ones who benefited the most.

Social support and ensuring you stay engaged in your local community activities, hobbies and groups, will help you to stay socially involved which keeps you happier at home, reducing or preventing the need to access residential aged care.

So get back on your bike, go to the movies, go to dinner, attend concerts

Why not maintain the lifestyle that makes you happy? This is possible when you have a carer to take care of the details. Your home care package can be arranged to provide social and community support so if you want to attend a concert on your own or with your spouse, take a carer with you.

Communities that care for their elderly, are healthier and happier

When our elderly are cared for well, then our community in general is a happier one. It does something to our psyche, making us feel more confident as we age knowing there are people and a support system to care for us.

More Australians prefer to stay at home as they age and more home care packages will be allocated as they are required. If you have a home care package approved already, then make sure you are using it as much as possible – that’s what it is there for, to make your life as easy as possible while living at home.

It’s the best of both worlds. More home care hours means increased chances of staying home longer.

The St Louis Home Care Team are here to chat with your about your existing home care package or to discuss an application for a new one. Please call the Home Care Team in Adelaide on (08) 8332 0950 or our Victor Harbor Home Care Team on (08) 08 8552 1481, to chat about a home care package.

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