How Home Care Will Help You Create a Fulfilling and Joyful Life

And why older Australians are seeking a better quality of life

Home care packages have helped many older South Australians remain at home as they get older, with the support they need to feel comfortable and happy.

Our clients use their home care packages to provide all the essential services they need but there is also now an increasing number who are using their services with more of an emphasis on creating fulfilling lifestyles which include:

  • Doing more of the activities they enjoy
  • Developing new interests and learning new things
  • Meeting and making new friends
  • Improving their social connections and social life
  • Learning a language and/or a musical instrument
  • Becoming more tech savvy and comfortable navigating the online world
  • Getting fitter and healthier

There has been a mindset shift in the community that we’ve observed over the last few years. Our clients want more than just to be cared for, they want us to help them live a better quality of life. We are seeing the rise of the “modern elder”. We’ve talked about positive ageing and living with health and wellbeing as you grow older. But the concept of a modern elder is a little different.

Modern elders are living more purposeful lives. Not content to sit on the sidelines and be looked over, they are actively seeking a lifestyle that helps them live their best lives yet, putting decades of life experience into a new lifestyle, new projects and work in their community. Some are even returning to employment in Australia.

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In Australia (and across the globe), our population is ageing therefore people are living longer. This is fuelling a need to stay proactive and engaged with life with age, at any age. An increasing number of elderly Australians aren’t considering traditional retirement, instead they’re considering a lifestyle that is fulfilling which may include working and earning a living, or not.

In Mike Rungie’s article Does anyone really know what a good frail life looks like?, he offers 10 tips for becoming a modern elder, specifically addressing the needs of 80+ year olds:

  1. Invest in a commitment to life-long learning and upping your tech skills.
  2. Join an affinity group for 81 year olds.
  3. Edit out what you don’t need, get a new mindset and learn and practice transition skills.
  4. Get a younger mentor and learn to mentor.
  5. Discover the ways 81 year olds are doing real stuff and invent some new roles for yourself.
  6. Invest in your wardrobe, good health and wellbeing.
  7. Talk like a modern elder and resist the downsize chatter.
  8. Get some financial advice so you can pay for your new good life.
  9. Be health literate and act on it, without boring your friends to death.
  10. And only then, find a provider who wants to deliver care on your terms.

The term modern elder was taken from Chip Conley’s book “Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder”. He discusses his own experiences of being an older male in the workforce with a boss who is twenty years younger, and provides insight into a future workplace where wisdom and knowledge do not correlate with age, and where all ages work together harmoniously. It is an excellent read if you want an insight into the future workplace. You can also listen to a podcast interviewing Chip here.

Home care can be more than just the essentials – use your home care package to help you increase your quality of living

Home care will cover all the essential services such as cleaning, gardening, shopping, transport and appointments with allied health practitioners.

But you can take home care one step further and look at ways to help you do what you always wanted to do but perhaps never had the time or help.

Here are examples of some of home care clients who have used the services in their home care package in their own unique way, to help them create a better quality of life.

Robert, 73

Since starting home care, author Robert Moore has had many more books published. His home care package, among other things, helps to keep his garden beautiful where he likes to spend time writing.

“St Louis have made sure that I stay grounded so that I can have space to ramble and create.”

How a home care package allows author Robert Moore to get on with what he loves most – writing!

Helen Oxenham, 89

Helen has been advocating for women experiencing domestic violence in Adelaide for over 40 years. She opened up the first women’s shelter in Christie’s Beach in 1977 selling lamingtons to raise money. At 89 years of age, she is still fundraising and standing strong for women’s and children’s rights.

She uses her home care package to help with the large amount of paperwork she has to do, running her diary, transport to and from her meetings and stating active online plus more.

St Louis Life Stories: At 89, there’s no stopping Helen Oxenham

Robert, 88

From a more housebound lifestyle because of health conditions, Robert ventured out again to discover new interests with home care support.

He is now more tech savvy and working on a computer and online. He has lost his fear of public speaking and presented to our residents, he’s started writing a book, and is learning to play the piano an ukulele.

These are things her never thought he would do.

“St Louis opened up my world” - how home care helped Robert do things he never thought he would

Anna, 103

Anna is 103 and lives on her own at home comfortably and happily. She receives a Level 4 home care package which supports her live a good quality of life at home.

“I love my garden and I am very happy with the help I get because it means I can stay home.”

Life stories: How home care helps Anna remain independent at home at 103

Phyllis, 90

Phyllis uses her home care package to maintain her social activities, participating in art and craft, community events, volunteer work and enjoying social outings with her friends. She recently received a certificate of appreciation for volunteering at South Coast District Hospital.

“Home care has prevented me from getting depressed and miserable, because it’s helped me stay connected to my friends. I have made many new friends through my home care service.”

Life Stories: How home care supports Phyllis to continue enjoying her community

Annemarie 84, and John 82

Annemarie and John recently celebrated their 60 year Wedding Anniversary. They live in their family home in Victor Harbor and they both have their own home care package tailored to their needs.

Annemarie likes to grow her own vegetables and needs help in the garden so she allocates part of her home care package for this purpose. John prefers to use his home care services to help him with mobility and exercise.

“I am very happy with St Louis. We’re comfortable at home together. We have everything we need at home to remain here and we’d like to keep it this way.”

St Louis Life Stories: After 60 years of marriage, home care helps Annemarie and John live comfortably together at home

Speak with your home care coordinator about other ways to use your home care package

No matter how old you get, you can always learn new things and meet new people. Use your home care package to help you boost your enthusiasm for living by getting the support you need to bring in events or activities to help you learn and grow.

Your home care coordinator will help you, think of them as your lifestyle coach who will support you to improve the quality of your life.

Call St Louis Home Care Adelaide on 8332 0950 or St Louis Victor Harbor on 8552 1481 and chat with our home care services coordinators for more information.

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