Hydrotherapy has more benefits than just physical – “it’s a laugh from start to finish!”

Freda attends hydrotherapy sessions every week with St Louis physiotherapists and her carer. The classes are funded through her home care package.

Following an accidental fall several years back, Freda suffered injuries including losing her sight in one eye. She lost her sense of balance and spatial perception and was less able to determine heights and distance.

But she’s a trooper with a very positive outlook! Every week she does hydrotherapy classes as well as chair-based exercises classes and both help her to feel as good as she can. Both programs are funded through her home care support package.

“Hydrotherapy has helped with me with walking and I am more confident. The damage from the accident has been permanent but I am very well regardless because I stay fit.”

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is exercise or physiotherapy in a purpose built pool. The water’s resistance allows exercise and movement even in the most challenging or painful areas of the body. Movement is much easier in a hydrotherapy pool which has a temperature of 33-36 degrees.

“When I heard St Louis started hydrotherapy classes in pools specifically designed for people with needs such as mine, I joined up. We have a small group of three, with a physio and a carer so we have quite a lot of one-on-one attention.”

The improvements Freda has seen to her overall health

Since Freda has been going to weekly exercise classes, she has seen several improvements in her health.

In a hydrotherapy class, Freda says she doesn’t realise the intensity of the exercise and how hard she is working. Not until she goes home and needs an afternoon sleep to recover. The water provides both the resistance and the support to enable movement and development of strength without the gravity working against the muscles.

“I try all exercises and nine times out of ten I can do them. I give things a go and I have to keep doing them each week to improve, but I can do it.”

Here are some of the benefits she’s received from weekly hydrotherapy classes:

  • She can get up and out of the chair without using the chair to help her, provided it’s not too low. She does lots of squats both in her hydrotherapy and chair based exercise classes to strengthen her legs.
  • She has spinal stenosis and the increased movement in hydrotherapy has helped to lessen the discomfort.
  • She feels fitter and healthier overall, which makes her feel happier and more confident.
  • She looks forward to the classes because they are good fun!
“It’s not just about hydrotherapy, with the five of us in the class, it’s a laugh from start to finish!”

Call St Louis to enquire about hydrotherapy classes

Give us a call to find out more about our hydrotherapy classes and how they can be funded through your home care package. Hydrotherapy is excellent for building strength and flexibility which ultimately helps you develop better balance.

Call St Louis home care Adelaide on 8332 0950 or St Louis home care Victor Harbor on 85521481.

“We look forward to it for the company, the happy people and the good therapy”.

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