Home Care Level 1 - Sue

Home Care Package Level 1 - Sue

Sue, 67 years of age, “I feel safe knowing there is more than one carer in my support team”.

About Sue

Sue, 67 years of age, is originally from the South-East of South Australia and moved to Victor Harbor, after being widowed five years earlier and decided to downsize and move closer to her family who all live in Adelaide. Sue has always been a keen gardener, involved in the local community, and enjoyed an active and social lifestyle.

Sue has noticed changes in her health, strength, and ability to get things done. Recently she had a health scare and has had a few unfortunate hospital visits. While in hospital her family contacted My Aged Care on her behalf to access home care support as Sue wanted to remain living in her home and knew she could do it if she had some support.

How did St Louis help Sue?

Sue received access to a Home Care Package Level 1 funding. Level 1 packages offer low-level support, her home care package is focused on delivering to her main priorities:

Sue gets assistance with cleaning once a fortnight to keep her home clean and safe.

Sue has support with her shopping once a fortnight, going to both the supermarket and the local garden centre, and having a coffee if they have time. She buys seedlings or a plant each time to keep herself active in the garden and has started growing vegetables in pots closer to the kitchen.

How is Sue today with a home care package?

Sue is feeling more confident, safe, and independent at home. Sue still likes the opportunity to do most of her cleaning as she has always liked to clean her home her way. Having the support to go to the supermarket ensures she has healthy food items stocked, and she buys food she needs to cook and eat well. Sue enjoys having her carer to keep her company at the Garden Centre and her purchases keep her active and motivated to spend time in her garden each week. Sue loves the opportunity to have a coffee with her carer if they have time. Sue says, “Thanks to home care, I am living at home and still independent.” Sue loves the confidence she feels in the community with the company of her home care worker.

Sue says the staff at St Louis Home Care are like family and she likes having a small team with our care workers (carers), “I feel safe knowing there is more than one carer in my support team”.

Home Care that makes a difference to your day. - At St Louis Home Care we offer private home care and government-funded home care packages, and a combination of both. We provide quality home care services in Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Southern Vales, Victor Harbor, and Fleurieu Peninsula.

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