Home Care Level 4 - Michael

Home Care Package Level 4 - Michael

About Michael

Michael, 77 years old “My coordinator and my support team provide person-centred support so I live well at home with dementia”.

How did St Louis help Michael?

Michael is 74 years old and living with his wife Helen in their own home, with limited family support as their only son lives overseas. They have dear friends who visit every Sunday for lunch. Michael is a retired policeman living with dementia and prior to this, he was always very active in his local community.

Michael loves his dog Harry and likes to walk this dog around his community. His wife Helen has taken on the role of full-time carer and still actively volunteers in the community.

Helen was not aware of the demands of caring for someone with dementia and was feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. She didn’t want to leave Michael at home on his own, so she was missing out on her normal social activities and volunteering work.

How are Michael and Helen today with a home care package?

“I don’t see the dementia; I just see someone who needs some support.” St Louis Care Support Worker.

Together Michaels’s care plan was coordinated to give Michael choices and support to meet his needs:

  • Michael has regular day respite with one-to-one support with a carer, sometimes this involves Michael wanting to take the dog for a walk so the carer goes with them.
  • A care worker visits three times a week to ensure the house is safe and allows Michael to participate in as much or as little as he chooses that day. Michael always actively kept the house clean and still likes to participate in cleaning and doing the laundry.
  • Michael was a keen cook and when the care worker comes to help with meal preparation Michael can choose how actively he participates.
  • A physiotherapist comes to the home for a weekly exercise program to keep him active and strong.

What do I do next?

Michael is more settled and calmer since we have had support from St Louis Home Care. He is more social and actively doing many of the activities he enjoys around the house, he has always been house-proud. It’s the small things, I can see his posture has changed and he is not as withdrawn as he was before he got some support, and there is more conversation. It’s important to both of us that he is able to stay at home for as long as he can be safe and independent. Helen says, I really don’t know how I coped for so long, I can’t speak highly enough of the support from our coordinator, support team, and home care providers like St Louis Home Care when you care for a loved one living with dementia”.

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