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Home Care Level 4 - Michael

Home Care Package Level 4 - Michael

Michael’s wife Helen - “I don’t know how I would cope without your help and understanding what it’s like to care for someone with dementia”.

About Michael

Michael is 74 years old and living with his wife Helen in their own home, with limited family support as their only son lives overseas. They have dear friends who visit every Sunday for lunch. Michael is a retired policeman who now has dementia and prior to this, he was always very active in his local community. 

Michael loves his dog Harry and used to walk the neighbourhood regularly together. His wife Helen has taken on the role of full-time carer.

Helen was not aware of the demands of caring for someone with dementia and was feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. She didn’t want to leave Michael at home on his own so she was missing out on her normal social activities social activities and volunteering work. 

How did St Louis help Michael?

Dementia needs special care, and although there are many people providing informal dementia care at home, it can be overwhelming and some additional help goes a long way.

We worked on a home care package that included services to specifically meet Michael’s needs and help Helen:  

  • Michael now attends day respite twice a week for people with dementia.
  • A care worker visits them three times a week at home to help with domestic duties – gardening, cleaning and other domestic chores as needed.
  • A carer takes Michael and his dog Harry for a walk to the local shops and parks once or twice a week.
  • A physiotherapist comes to the home for a weekly exercise program to keep him active and strong.

Surplus funds have been put away in Michael’s home care funding so that Helen knows that if she needs extra help, it is available to her. For example, recently Helen had to go to hospital for a minor surgical procedure for a few days and St Louis stepped in to provide overnight care for Michael which included medication support, meal preparation and personal care.

How are Michael and Helen today with a home care package?

Much happier. Once a month, St Louis staff look after Michael at home in the evenings so that Helen can attend a dementia awareness course organised by Dementia Australia.

Helen is less stressed in her role as carer, Michael is enjoying respite twice a week, and he is meeting new people there with who he can share stories about dementia. He is loving his time with his dog and feeling stronger on his feet with regular physio.

In Helen’s words “ I don’t know how I would cope without your help and understanding  what it’s like to care for someone with dementia”.

What do I do next?

We offer private home care and government funded home care packages. Call St Louis Home Care on 08 8332 0950 to discuss your needs. You may need to book in for an ACAT Assessment to begin the home care package application process. We are here to help and will guide you through this process.

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