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Home Care Level 2 - George

Home Care Package Level 2 - George

George, 82, “I really like the lads group and it brings back memories of old times with my friends playing cards and drinking coffee”.

About George

George, 82, arrived from Greece in the 1960’s, and like many migrants to Australia, worked hard to buy his first home with his wife where they happily raised their three daughters. He continued living in the family home after his daughters had left and his wife had passed on, looking after the home and large garden he had spent many years of his life cultivating.

His three daughters helped him with meals, shopping and domestic duties but were all busy with their own lives, working and raising families. George was also recovering quite well from a stroke but had lost his driving license. 

He needed to get to the gym as part of his exercise regime and rehabilitation program but now he was less mobile, feeling frustrated, socially isolated and more dependent on his daughters. He wisely sought another solution to his problem before it became too difficult.

How did St Louis help George?

A home care package was tailored to suit George’s specific needs. George requested a care worker with a Greek background who could speak the language and understood the cultural differences. 

  • He now gets transport to his gym session twice a week to continue with stroke rehab.
  • We have appointed a gardener who visits his home fortnightly and they work on his garden together.
  • He goes out weekly with his Greek speaking care worker wherever he wants – groceries, coffee, or to visit a friend.
  • He also participates in the “St Louis Lads” program, which invites men to catch up every Friday at the pub, and he has made new friends here.


How is George today with a home care package?

George is feeling less dependent on his daughters, more socially independent and not waiting for all his social contact to happen within his family. He feels stronger because he is continuing his rehab. His family has noticed the improvement in his mood, he is laughing more and engages in conversation again, and they are grateful.

Once again he is back to telling everyone how amazing his garden is and it is indeed one of the best in the street.

In his words “I really like the lads group and it brings back memories of times with my friends playing cards and drinking coffee when I was younger”.

What do I do next?

We offer private home care and government funded home care packages. Call St Louis Home Care on 08 8332 0950 to discuss your needs. You may need to book in for an ACAT Assessment to begin the home care package application process. We are here to help and will guide you through this process.

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