Home Care Level 2 - George

Home Care Package Level 2 - George

George, 82 years of age, “My family are busy, with Home Care Support I have independence.”

About George

George, 82 years of age, arrived from Greece in the 1960’s, and like many migrants to Australia, worked hard to buy his first home with his wife where they happily raised their three daughters. He continued living in the family home after his daughters had left and his wife had passed on, it is important to him that he lives in this family home as he enjoys the large garden and has many friends living in the suburb.

For many years George has managed at home with the help of his family helping with many of the domestic duties, but this support had put stress on family relationships as they were getting busier with their own lives and suggesting that it was time for him to downsize to make it easier for everyone. George realised if he wanted to stay living in the family home, he would need some help to keep his independence. Many of his friends were getting home care support and he decided to contact my aged care.

George needed some assistance with food shopping, food preparation, and cooking. He also needed some help with dressing the two days he meets his friends at the local club as he struggles to put his good shoes on. George also has a regular physiotherapy session each week and contributes to his home care by paying Private home fees if needed to subsidise his care plan while he waits for his level 3 home care package to be approved.

How did St Louis help George?

A home care package was tailored to suit George’s specific needs. George requested a care worker with a Greek background who could speak the language and understood the cultural differences.

  • He now has a care worker take him to the supermarket to get ingredients for his traditional dishes and they also help prepare a few dishes a week.
  • George has support to get dressed on the two days he has regular social time at the local club with his friends in the area. His main concern is putting on his shoes and some shirts are difficult to put on as he has arthritis.
  • George joins the physiotherapist for a group hydrotherapy session for pain and maintaining movement of his arthritis in his hands. This is important as he wants to keep active in the garden.

How is George today with a home care package?

George is feeling less dependent on his daughters and their family, this means their regular family meals are family time with more time for conversation. He feels safe with the support of his home care package support services, housekeeping, personal care and physiotherapy ensuring he is able to look after his health and well-being while living safely at home.

A little extra help goes a long way. At St Louis Home Care we offer private home care and government-funded home care packages, and a combination of both. We provide quality home care services in Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Southern Vales, Victor Harbor, and Fleurieu Peninsula.

Call St Louis Home Care in Adelaide on 08 8332 0950 or Victor Harbor on (08) 85 1481 to discuss your needs.

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