Home Care Level 3 - Jean

Home Care Package Level 3 - Jean

Jean 73 years of age, “With my Coordinator, the nurse support, and the ‘Hospital to Home Program’ live safely at home.”

About Jean

Jean, 73 years of age, is living with her husband, Michael, who is 75 years old. Jean has been unwell for some time and recently had two falls and a hospital stay. Micheal, her husband has been her main carer with the support of a home care package but has recently had some health concerns of his own. Both cherish every moment in the family home and would like to live there together as long as possible.

They have two sons who are both in contact regularly on the phone and visit each week. Jean and Michael say they are blessed to have help from both their sons and their families, but sometimes they are busy with their own families and commitments.

How did St Louis help Jean?

Michael rang Jean’s coordinator at St Louis Home Care as soon as Jean fell and was taken to the hospital.

The clinical team at St Louis Home Care kept in contact with Jean while she was in the hospital. Before she was to be discharged, they met with Jean and Michael to review their care plans and organise a reassessment for Jean to have a new aged care assessment team (ACAT) before she left the hospital. Jean’s main needs and goals were to be at home, improve her strength, reduce pain, and become physically independent again.

  • Jean has regular nurses/clinical visits according to her care plan.
  • Jean has support for personal care, dressing, and showering.
  • Jena had an appointment with the Physiotherapists and has regular exercise, massage, and hydrotherapy sessions for pain management.
  • The house has been assessed for grab rails and fall prevention and minor house modifications for safety and to encourage independent movement.
  • Jean wanted the support of a carer to do her grocery shopping and have time to have a coffee when she was out, this was important to her to stay active in the community as she often sees friends at the local supermarket.
  • Jean wanted support for some meal preparation for the week, where she cooks ahead and has family meals in the fridge and freezer.
  • Jean has used a combination of her home care package funding and Private Home Care Services to ensure she meets her support goals and lives at home. She is currently on the wait list for a Level 4 package.

How is Jean today with a home care package?

Jean is managing her pain and has increased her strength and balance. She enjoys having a team of care workers as this makes it feel like a large family of support and she enjoys her time with each one.

Jean is happy to be at home with Michael, she says “this house, so many memories, I am going to live here as long as possible, I’m lucky to get care from my family and my ‘St Louis care family…after the fall, my coordinator, and the “Hospital to Home’ nurse team gave me the confidence to live safely at home again.”

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