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Home Care Level 3 - Jean

Home Care Package Level 3 - Jean

Jean’s husband Mike, “Thank you for being so fast in helping look after Jean when she returned from hospital recently – it was a weight off my shoulders”.

About Jean

Jean, 86, is living with her husband, Mike, who is 90 years old. She has arthritis and recently had two falls and is experiencing pain which has resulted in an overall decline in her health. Her husband has been looking after her but has recently had some health concerns of his own, and she is now feeling more vulnerable.

She has two sons who are both in contact regularly on the phone and visit each week to help maintain the garden. Even though her sons helped the family, she felt she needed some additional support, especially since her husband was getting older and feeling more tired. She did not want to burden him with more of her care needs.

How did St Louis help Jean?

We sat down with both Jean and her husband to discuss their situation, what they found challenging and how we could help Jean, and therefore provided her husband with some additional respite. Jean’s main needs were to improve her strength, reduce pain and become physically independent again.

    • Jean has started a weekly exercise program with a physiotherapist in her home.
    • She attends weekly hydrotherapy sessions.
    • She enjoys a weekly massage session.
    • Safety grab rails and a shower chair were installed to enable mobility.
    • We support her to shower three times a week so that soon she will be able to do this for herself again.
    • We help her with the grocery shopping once a week.

    How is Jean today with a home care package?

    Jean has lessening pain and is feeling more physically confident since starting exercise classes. She is feeling safer inside her home, she is enjoying the companionship of the St Louis staff members, and her sons have told us they feel a lot better knowing that “mum is being looked at when they are not there”.

    St Louis has added a sense of security and safety for Jean and her husband at home, like an extended family. Recently Jean returned from a hospital stay and needed daily care which St Louis began immediately.

    In Jean’s husbands words “Thank you for being so fast in helping look after Jean when she returned from hospital recently – it was a weight off my shoulders”.

    What do I do next?

    We offer private home care and government funded home care packages. Call St Louis Home Care on 08 8332 0950 to discuss your needs. You may need to book in for an ACAT Assessmentto begin the home care package application process. We are here to help and will guide you through this process.

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