Using your home care package for its intended purpose

Staying at home comfortably for longer with home care

Once your home care package is approved, the funds are made available to help you maximise your independence and enjoy a good lifestyle in the comfort of your own home. At St Louis, we achieve this through spending time with you to understand what you need to feel happy and cared for at home, developing a plan that incorporates your lifestyle goals today, and into the future.

We address questions with you such as:

  1. What activities do you enjoy doing most?
  2. What makes your life enjoyable?
  3. What gives you meaning, purpose and a sense of fulfilment?

However, sometimes people like to hold onto their funds for a “rainy day”. While it is a good idea to ensure there are enough funds for care that you may need in the future, it is important to find a balance and use the majority of the funds for the reasons they were allocated - to help you maximise your independence and lifestyle at home.

We’ve seen people underuse their home care budget thinking they don’t need it. Then when something occurs at home that could have been prevented with the additional support of their home care package, they as well as their families wished they had utilised their funds to meet every part of their home care needs more effectively, trying new services and increasing the hours of care at home.

For every dollar you spend on your care, you are committing to staying at home for longer and meeting your home care goals.

The majority of Australians want to stay home as they age and home care is the solution

Home care is our country’s solution to making sure more and more elderly Australians are able to live at home as they get older, comfortably and safely with their needs being met and their lifestyle goals being developed.

Your care plan is a partnership program with your provider. Where the funds go and what they are used for is your choice in partnership with your care coordinator, who will support you to make the most of the community around you and stay connected to it.

Our home care coordinators are dedicated to ensuring your care plan provides the best possible outcomes for you.

Every home care hour means 6% lower risk in entering a residential aged care facility

For every hour that you receive home care, it means a 6% reduced likelihood that you will enter an aged care residential facility.

There is a definite link between accessing home care hours, social support and delaying entry into aged residential care. Our home care clients who use their packages to their advantage see increased emotional, mental and physical health benefits

Find out how home care helped Doreen, George, Jean and Michael make life at home better

We have seen many clients go from strength to strength, living at home feeling more empowered and happier, relying less on family and friends for help but more on them for companionship.

Doreen, George, Jean and Michael (names have been changed for privacy) are St Louis home care clients who saw a significant improvement in their lives after home care. They all had one thing in common - they maximised the use of their home care packages with the help of a St Louis care coordinator. This made the difference between an average home care experience and an excellent one that delivered what they expected and more.

Read about their experience:

Doreen aged 67Level 1 Home Care Package “If it wasn’t for St Louis, I wouldn’t be in my own home”.

George aged 82Level 2 Home Care Package “I really like the lads group and it brings back memories of times with my friends”.

Jean aged 86 - Level 3 Home Care Package “Thank you for helping look after Jean when she returned from hospital – it was a weight off my shoulders”.

Michael aged 74 - Level 4 Home Care Package “I don’t know how I would have coped without your understanding of dementia care”.

Maximise the use of your home care package – don’t wait until it is too late

Make the best possible use of your home care package today. We would recommend using a minimum of 70% of your allocated funds. Check with your coordinator to ensure you are using the right amount of your funds for your level package and work in partnership with them to make sure you are getting the most from your home care package.

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